Is John David Washington Single? The SAG Nominee Is Adorably Candid About His Dating Life

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Now that awards season is in full swing, fans aren't only anticipating who's winning — they're just as interested in the respective nominees' plus-ones. And with that curiosity comes a more specific question about the rapidly rising, incredibly adored BlacKkKlansman star — is John David Washington single? He was nominated for a Best Actor Golden Globe and now he's up for two SAG awards, and unless he shows up to the red carpet with someone new on his arm, his relationship status remains "single AF," per his September interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

The 34-year-old actor has spent the last year leaping into the hearts of many by way of three films. Aside from the groundbreaking Spike Lee movie, he also played significant roles in Monsters and Men and The Old Man & The Gun. But the only special ladies he's likely to thank in a potential acceptance speech are his mother, Pauletta Washington, and Beyoncé.

When DeGeneres asked him who he'd be bringing to the Oscars after such a successful acting year, he was quick to answer with his mom's name. "I'm bringing mom," he told the talk show host. She deduced that he must be single, and he just shook his head with defeat. "It's hard out here," he said. "It's hard out here."

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But that's fine by him, because he is his mom's biggest fan and would probably prefer to take her out over anyone else. He has publicly defended her in the past when the media attempted to overshadow her with his father's — Denzel Washington — acting success.

"She was earning more money than he was when they married," he told Today. "Before they got married she was on Broadway working. She paid for their first date; she paid the bill; she paid the cab ride."

And unfortunately, Washington's second choice, Queen Bey, is taken. Of course, he's aware, but is a longtime fan. And for a while, he dreamed of the day he would see her in concert. "I've been trying [to get tickets]. My sister got some tickets for the upcoming show…but I'm 0 for three," he said to DeGeneres. "And I'm, like, I'm totally BeyHive all day.”

Perhaps the most striking quality that these choices of his reveal is Washington's loyalty to the ones he loves. He would do anything for his mom, and before DeGeneres gifted him two tickets, he would've kept relentlessly trying to see Beyoncé perform.

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In a "Finish this Sentence" segment with The Hollywood Reporter, Washington commented on that quality of his. When prompted with, "If I could have a nickname like 'The Rock,'" he finished the statement with, "Mine would be 'The Faithful,' ladies?" In the same video, he may have admitted to stalking Rihanna on Instagram, so it's possible that she's number three on his date list.

In all seriousness, whoever actually does end up with Washington is going to be one lucky gal. He seems to be incredibly sweet, passionate, and loyal. And if he continues to have acting years like this one, he could quickly have a mantel full of prestigious awards. In other words, how is he still single?