Kamil Might Find His Endgame in Paradise — Here's Who It Could Be

Paul Hebert/ABC

As is often the case for Paradise residents, Kamil got far more screentime during his first episode of Bachelor In Paradise than on the entirety of Becca's Season of The Bachelorette, the show that introduced the "Social Media Participant" to Bachelor Nation. While Kamil may have been left single at the end of his time on The Bachelorette, it's likely that Kamil is dating someone after Bachelor In Paradise that he met while filming. Just a guess.

Of the many residents of Paradise, from the memorable to the forgettable, there was one person that Kamil undoubtedly left a strong impression on the moment he stepping into the show. While Annaliese was most memorable during Arie's season for being afraid of everything and having had a traumatic bumper car accident, she's hasn't been afraid of forming connections while in Paradise. While Annaliese had formed a strong bond with wrestler Kenny King earlier in the season, Kamil swooped into Paradise and quickly set his sights on Annaliese. While Kamil has already formed a connection with Annaliese, however, anything can happen on Paradise. Some of the strongest relationships in Paradise have been blown up thanks to shifting interests, and there's no guarantee that Kamil will be standing alongside Annaliese for the remainder of the season.

He Could End Up With Chelsea

Chelsea hasn't had a great deal of luck this season between having to survive an unromantic first-episode conversation with Alex, getting yelled at by Jordan, and later getting swept up in the whole Leo situation. Despite being on the receiving end of some unfortunate interactions, she could be a good fit for the "social media participant" as she, too, participates on social media.

Or, Maybe He Lives Happily Ever After With Jenna

Jenna has not been lacking attention this season of BiP, but Kamil could distract Jenna from her other recent date partners. Jenna may have been dating Jordan earlier in the season, but as Kamil informed audiences during the Men Tell All special for Becca's season of The Bachelorette, Kamil is a New York model — whereas Jordan is merely a Florida model. If location really is everything in the world of modeling, than by Kamil's own logic he'd be an upgrade from Jordan — but he'd still have to compete for her attention with Jenna's newest flame, Benoit.

But For Real, He's Going To End Up With Annaliese

Kamil's social media presence isn't presenting any clues about his love life post-Paradise, but that's to be expected. There's a rumor going around Bachelor Nation, started by spoiler blogger Reality Steve, that these two are endgame. But really, no one knows until the finale is aired how all of the relationships pan out by the end of the series and bloggers can get things wrong, too. Even if they are endgame, we won't know until post-reunion whether Kamil is dating anyone after Paradise.

In any case, it definitely seems like Kamil has had more luck in Paradise than he did with Becca. Maybe he can teach Jordan some of those New York City modeling moves.