Kathleen Lights' Glitter Polish Is Still Available

Some beauty influencers sure know how to celebrate in style. Kathleen Lights created Das Esspensive XXV, a golden, glittery nail polish as part of her KL Polish brand. But it's a supremely limited edition shade. Kathleen Lights created the shade to celebrate her 25th birthday, noting in an Instagram post that once it sells out, it's gone for good. That certainly ups the desirability of the shade, since it won't be widely or permanently available. Is the Kathleen Lights Das Esspensive gold polish sold out?

As of press time, the shade is still available for purchase via the KL Polish site, which is the brand's sales platform. It won't last, though. At just $8.50 a bottle and with such a glam, gilded texture, stock of this polish should move quick. And it won't be coming back… unless, of course, KL and her team decide to manufacture more due to fan demand. But she could decide to let this be a one-and-done shade that is super special for her fans and for nail junkies who are actually able to nab a bottle.

But for now, with no plans to upgrade its status to permanent addition, you would be wise to grab yourself a bottle or three of Das Esspensive now.

Glittery, golden nails are fun. But glittery, golden nails with major texture are even better. The color and texture look exactly like what the name implies. You can rock 24-karat, super blinged out nails with a couple coats of this polish.

That texture, though.

The good news is that the OG KL Polish shades are restocking!

The golden glitter pops against all skin tones. It may have been Kathleen Lights' birthday, but her fans and nail fiends are the ones who benefit the most.

Images: Kathleen Lights/Instagram (2); KL Polish/Instagram (1); Courtesy of KL Polish (1)