Kristina Got BFFs Out Of 'The Bachelor'

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Rick Rowell

We are officially deep into Bachelor season. Nick Viall has shown himself to be a compelling lead, sweetly mumbling his way into ladies' hearts. The cast this season has been filled with impressive, career driven women. While a huge portion of screen time has been given to the entertaining villain Corinne, we're being shown the other women more and more. A standout lady is Bachelor contestant Kristina Schulman, a dentil hygienist who lives in Kentucky. She's independent, beautiful, and has a compelling story. Born in Russia originally, she spent time in an orphanage before being adopted and moved to the States. She eventually found her way to national television in a search for love. But, is Kristina single after The Bachelor? It seems that she found important friendships, but maybe not love on the show.

Past contestants often speak to the fact they spent more time with each other than with the lead. It's easy to bond on a reality show, contestants experience something so unique that taking solace in each other is important. Kristina seems to have found meaningful relationships with the other women more so than with Nick. This is not to say she isn't a contender. A preview for the upcoming episode shows she will get a one-on-one date and a platform to tell her story. While Kristina may become a dark horse contestant, for now my guess is that she's single after the show judging from her social media. Though, she could just be really good at keeping her status a secret.

Most of Kristina's post-show Instagram photos have been less a celebration of her time with Nick and more a celebration of her time with the women. While her time with Nick is what makes it to air, Kristina's social media gives fans insight into the fun times she had with fellow contestants. There is a lot of downtime on a show like The Bachelor. The caption for Kristina's photo (above) with Astrid, gives a behind the scenes peek:

From washing dishes at the mansion, to late night chats by the pool, to keeping cali vineyards in business, to traveling from state to state, to running hotel halls and 'stealing' wine, to rooming, to 'spying', the list can go on and on... thankful to have met someone so incredible and badass as you! Love you #blessed #astridsboobs #browgame#horoscopes #seetwitter #thebachelor

All the moments that didn't make it on camera with the other women may just be Kristina's favorite part of the show.

Of course, posting photos with the other ladies is not proof that Kristina is definitely single. Again, Kristina may become the dark horse of the season. She clearly has a connection with Nick and will be featured front and center next episode. But, the competition this year is tough, frontrunners Raven, Vanessa, Rachel, and both Danielles have dominated screen time and audience attention. Coming away without a ring but with friendships wouldn't be the worst thing. Listen to the sweet way she talks about Rachel in the above Instagram caption:

My girl @therachlindsay gets to show Nick that she's made of sass, class, and twerk on that... nevermind. Thankful to have met such a motivated, inspiring, and genuine individual on this journey. I love and adore you Rachel Lindsay ❤️ #thebachelor #bachelornation

If she is single, Kristina seems to be enjoying her life surrounded by the amazing women she met on the show.

Here she is with Sarah, who was eliminated last week. Kristina speaks about her rose-less friend saying:

Friends that attempt modeling together, stay together. Thankful to have met this incredible human through such a unique experience. Yeah, I feeeel #blessed #themlegsthough#thatcollarbone #thebachelor

See, we clearly missed a whole love story between the contestants!

But, who knows? Maybe I'm wrong and she comes away with a bunch of friends and a ring.