Krystal Has A Boyfriend Checklist After 'The Bachelor' & One Contestant Fits It Perfectly

Paul Hebert/ABC

During Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s season of The Bachelor, Krystal Nielson made a lasting impression on fans. She had a way of attracting the capital-D drama in the Bachelor mansion as Season 22's so-called "villain." Arie eliminated her a few weeks ago, so is Krystal dating anyone since The Bachelor? The 29-year-old fitness coach hasn't publicly mentioned a new love in her life to the press or on social media so far. Krystal's Instagram account is filled with photos of her in the gym, on the beach, and working out.

But, Krystal has actually seen some interest in Peter Kraus, the popular runner-up from Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season. In an interview with the producing staff of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Feb. 13, Krystal said, "I was really hoping it was going to be Peter," but she was still "pleasantly surprised" about Arie being the Bachelor. Could she and Peter possibly be a future couple to look out for? Could they meet on Bachelor in Paradise? In the EllenTube interview Krystal did not confirm whether or not she'd appear on the spinoff, but she did describe the kind of man she would like to meet: “It would have to be someone who definitely works for themselves. Entrepreneurial. Definitely health and fitness. And has to be a dog person,” Krystal said. Co-executive producer Corey Palent responded, “That’s Peter!” to each list item. Hmm. Considering Peter told Bustle that he wouldn't have kept Krystal around as long as Arie, that may be a doomed romance.

Krystal seems to still be talking about Arie to the press, though. In the past few days, Krystal made some pointed comments to People about Arie and he responded. On Feb. 19, Krystal told People that she did not like how Arie treated her during a few of the dates on the show, including the infamous bowling alley date. She said:

“On the group dates I felt so incredibly disrespected. For instance in Tahoe, I was talking with Arie and he grabbed Tia’s hand while having a conversation with me. I felt so disrespected. All the girls were fighting over each other to hold his hand and to kiss him. I was like, ‘This is desperate — I’m not going to do this.’ I would never tolerate that in the real world.”

In addition, Krystal told the publication that her relationship with Arie is over and done. "That chapter is closed," she told the publication.

Paul Hebert/ABC

The next day on Feb. 20, Arie told People the following in response:

“Our relationship during the experience and then watching it play back outside of the experience are two totally different things ... I was really into Krystal in the beginning of it all. But I’m disappointed in her. I wouldn’t mind if someone in the house wasn’t popular. But you need good communication. I feel like her perception of our relationship was completely different than mine ... Did our relationship go on a little longer than it should have? Yes. But I hope she finds what she’s looking for, because I feel like she’s a little lost.”

What happened in their relationship — on-camera and off — is their business. Arie has moved on and it seems like Krystal has, too. According to Krystal's Instagram account, the Missoula, Montana native has been working out in scenic locations.

The fitness coach has also shared a photo of herself with her fellow Bachelor contestants Bekah M. and Ashley having fun while on the show.

Krystal even admitted in one post that these two pups have her heart — for now. In the photo's caption, she asked, "Is there room for one more??" If there is, it won't be Arie.

If Krystal is indeed single and remains so, there's already a lot of speculation that she might be one of the contestants from Arie's season to head to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Krystal told E! Online the following at the Women Tell All taping on Feb. 21: "I'm totally a beach girl, so it could be a good fit. If at the time I am single I might be open to it!"

Judging from her beach-filled Instagram photos, Krystal's right — she'd be a perfect fit for the beach-filled Bachelor in Paradise, in which many contestants from previous seasons find love — and lots of drama in a scenic locale in Mexico.

Even though Krystal didn't find love with Arie on The Bachelor, perhaps she'll find the love and respect she's seeking in Paradise — or in the real world. After all, anything can happen between now and the summer.