Krystal Has A Lot To Say To The Haters After 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Paul Hebert

So-deemed villains are a staple of The Bachelor (editors: Amy Barbour, Debra Light), the controversial glue that holds the drama together. It's pretty undisputed that Krystal is Arie's Bachelor season villain, having the perfect combination of traits to stir things up. Krystal is captivating which keeps Arie Luyendyk engaged, blunt and cutting in her confessionals which keeps Bachelor nation gawking at her statements, and has the ability to push all her fellow contestants buttons which keeps the ladies in he house fuming. Krystal provides fantastic entertainment, but she probably won't win — villains rarely do. So, what is Krystal doing after The Bachelor? She's keeping positive in a sea of hateful comments.

Unfortunately, as the case is often, Bachelor villains don't always know they will be Bachelor villains, and often face intense cyber bullying post-show for what they may have deemed fine behavior on the show. Krystal isn't letting the hate get to her too much, though. But, she probably should be re-thinking some of the statement she made on the show.

Many of Krystal's comments about the other women on Arie's season have been harsh and immature, like when she called the other girls "desperate" on a recent hiking date. At times, it seems like Krystal is actively creating drama, but nothing she has done is just cause to go on her personal social media accounts and write hateful messages — especially since many of them are focused on her looks and voice. Krystal posted a lengthy Instagram about the comments, standing up to her online bullies. She wrote in part:

"Reading the comments on my posts over the past few weeks has been eye opening to say the least. The negativity and cruel words about my character and my appearance is something that I’ve never dealt with, especially not on a public platform. I let it get to me and I let it affect my sleep, my relationships with others and my passion for doing the work that I love ... As tough as it was at times filming the show, I’m so thankful for the experience because it’s allowed me to grow. I’m learning to take the good with the bad and becoming stronger as a result."
ABC/Paul Hebert

It seems that, due to public attention, much of Krystal's post Bachelor time is spent dealing with the reaction to her on the show. But, that's not all she's up to. According to her social media, Krystal is diving into her work as a distraction from the show. Krystal works as a fitness coach and also makes fitness videos. Krystal posted another Instagram about her love for her job and the importance of self care. She wrote in the caption:

"This week I’ve been diving into work and have spent 18 hour days between clients, filming, editing and collaborating. I LOVE working as a coach but sometimes forget that in order to help others be THEIR best we need to first care for OUR own health and bodies ... Even when we LOVE our work, time away allows us to breath, relax and come back to our projects with a fresh perspective and new energy to kick major a** in life. So Cheers to sunny days with friends, puppies and maybe a margarita or two."

Many of Krystal's Instagram stories are fitness videos, or personal anecdotes about her health regimen. She also constantly thanks her followers for the support in the midst of everything. That may be even more necessary soon, because promos for the upcoming episode, preview that things for Krystal may get worse before (and if) they get better.

One of her supporters is none other than Bachelor Arie. He recently spoke to US Weekly about Krystal, coming to her defense.

We do have some conflict next week, but, you know, I know it’s so cliche to say, but [Krystal] wasn’t there to make friends. She put our relationship first and that caused some conflict and I think that there is something to be said about somebody that fights for the time that you get together, because you do have such a limited time ... I mean, I don’t think it’s that bad. I know you guys think it’s terrible, but I often found it to be sweet.

With Arie on her side, it's likely that Krystal will keep persevering through the hate by focusing on her fans and her fitness. Many women go on The Bachelor to build their brand, and love her or hate her, Krystal is doing just that. Whether or not she ends up engaged to Arie, she definitely has created a big platform for her passion.