Kylie Cosmetics' Boujee Lip Kit Has Landed

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner never fails to churn out incredible beauty products through her Kylie Cosmetics brand. She surprised fans and announced that three new Lip Kits would be available online starting Apr. 7. So now, there's just one last piece of info you need to know: Is Kylie Cosmetics’ Boujee Lip Kit permanent? You’ve got to plan your purchase accordingly, after all.

According to the brand’s social media, the Boujee Lip Kit along with the two other shades, Vixen and High Maintenance, are now apart of the permanent line-up for the brand. Despite their “permanent” status, there’s nothing new about these hues. You saw the Vixen lippie appear in the Christmas 2016 Collection and High Maintenance was a special part of the Valentine’s Day 2017 range. The Boujee Lip Kit was formerly called Merry and appeared with the Christmas 2016 line, as well. So, you're already familiar with these colors, but now you can shop them in a different way.

As always, these Lip Kits come with a liquid lipstick and a liner and retail for $29. Each one was still in stock at the time of publication, so if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on these items since the holidays, now’s your chance!

Newly added, permanent lip color coming right up.

You've likely been eyeing these shades ever since they first became available to shop. So, now that they'll be on the Kylie Cosmetics website on the regular, there's no reason not to add them to your makeup routine.

Boujee is a beautiful deep red. You can't go wrong with a classic like this.

Meanwhile, High Maintenace will add just the right pop of color to your pout this season.

And if you love a dramatic look, you need to get ahold of Vixen. Here, you can see that Vixen and Boujee make a great combo when mixed, too.

If you haven't already made a purchase, you better get on that.

Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics

Boujee Lip Kit, $29, Kylie Cosmetics

You know these recently launched Lip Kits are calling your name! You can shop Boujee, Vixen and High Maintenance online now.

Even if these products sell out, you can expect them to restock now that they're permanent. But still, why would you want to wait to shop these shades? The sooner you've got them slicked across your lips, the better! Shop just one or shop 'em all from Kylie Cosmetics.