Yes, Kylie Jenner Is Wearing A Ring On THAT Finger & Here's The Deep Meaning Behind It

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Kylie Jenner is steadily making her return to Instagram and Snapchat. Her social media shares are once again delighting fans seeking details about her life as a new mom to baby Stormi and upcoming Kylie Cosmetics launches. Kylie Jenner wore a dainty, "JW" initial ring on that finger in a recent Snap — and it started a frenzy of curiosity about who the letters referred to, where she got it, and if it means she's engaged.

The ring was also a quick reminder that Jenner also starts trends when she posts pics or Snaps about her clothes or accessories.

First things first. The initials, as indicated by Jenner herself in the text of the Snap, represent both Jacques Webster and Jordyn Woods. Those are two people near and dear to her heart. How convenient and adorbs that they share initials.

Any diehard fan know that Jacques Webster is the real name of rapper Travis Scott, who is both her BF and Stormi's dad. Jordyn Woods is her longtime BFF, who often gets to try new Lip Kit hues, who makes plenty of appearance on Jenner's personal Insta, and who spoke lovingly about Jenner, Scott, and Stormi in the big "reveal" video.

E! reports that the custom-made, gold and diamond ring was created by XIV Karats in Beverly Hills.

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The band is delicate and elegant, while the initials are large and pop due to their relative size. That makes sense, since displaying her love for two VIPs in her life via a piece of jewelry needs to be done in a statement way. Like so! Of course Jenner fans are always keeping an eye on her fingers and are ISO any indication that she might be making a bigger commitment with Scott now that they have a beautiful baby girl. Many were wondering if this bling was some sort of an engagement ring, since she wore it on the ring finger. But E! states that it isn't.

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E! also reports that the ring is available in 14kt yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. It can be fashioned with any initials in either white or black diamonds. The ring costs anywhere from $400 to $450, depending on the size.

If you are totally "oohing" and "aahing" over Jenner's "JW" ring for the look moreso than for what it represents for the reality star and makeup mogul, now you know where to get one of your own. The price isn't actually ridiculously high. But it's certainly an investment piece. If you decide to copy Kylie's style here, be sure and put a lot of thought into what initials you want. Perhaps your own?! Or something in code that only you or your BFF know?

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Assorted Ring Set, $5.90,

If you can't shell out nearly $500 for a ring, you can always grab a pre-made set for less than $6 at Forever 21! No, they are not custom nor are they real gold. But they have a similar, slim shape, sans any of the commitment. Plus, you can layer them a la Meghan Markle, who is known for her superior ring stacks.

Jenner steered clear of social media for several months while pregnant with Stormi. It was a void felt in many fan feeds. But her return has been rather epic. She revealed Stormi's birth and shared an image of her tiny little hand. Jenner also slayed by posting shots while wearing seriously dramatic accessories. Check out her black and white Birkin bag.

Her animal print, half-calf Balenciaga booties were also pretty banging. Jenner also posed for a mirror selfie, which has always been one of her signature Insta moves. We missed Jenner and her fashionable Insta images. But she's back, setting more trends, and rocking rings that don't mean she's getting married... yet!