Where To Buy Meghan Markle's $42 BaubleBar Peacemaker Ring Before It Sells Out …Again


The Meghan Markle effect is — you guessed it — in full effect. The future royal's sphere of fashion influence is always quickly felt. If she wears something, it immediately sells out — like the Self-Portrait frock Markle wore to Christmas lunch with the Queen. Now, the $42 BaubleBar multi-finger ring that Meghan Markle wore once is available for purchase again via the accessories retailer. It had been sold out forever due to Markle having worn it.

Most royal watchers, accessories obsessives, and straight up romantics are more interested in the engagement ring her fiance Prince Harry designed with diamonds sourced from his late mother Princess Diana's collection.

But the nature-inspired, vine-like BaubleBar ring, which is worn across two fingers, is an unusual, statement-making piece. At less than $50, it's a sartorial steal. Markle previously posted an image while wearing the ring on her now-deleted Instagram feed prior to her engagement to Harry.

The ring is adjustable and it boasts crystal-covered vines that coil around the finger in delicate fashion.

It's available for pre-order via the BaubleBar site so you will want to scoop it up on the quick before it inevitably sells out again.

Don't you just love how it wraps around the hand? It's such a sexy, serpentine style. At first glance, it looks like a spine. Upon closer inspection, it looks a bit like a feather. When a piece of jewelry acts like an optical illusion, you know you've got a winner on your hands — literally.

Courtesy of BaubleBar

Peacemaker Ring, $42, baublebar.com

The ring comes in several sizes. Once you purchase it, you will need to exercise patience. The ring won't be able to ship until March 26. Still, it'll be the perfect addition to your spring accessories wardrobe.

Courtesy of BaubleBar

The ring mimics the "stacked" look without having to layer gobs of individual rings. It's a cool and edgy design that calls attention to the hand. The ring is super versatile, too. You can wear it on your middle and ring fingers. Or you can slip it into you pointer and middle digits. Because #options.

Courtesy of BaubleBar

The ring makes is a chic statement. It's best worn on the your non-dominant hand, since it doesn't look easy to write with. But it sure adds a pop of "Wow!" to any ensemble. It might be the most visually interesting ring that Markle has worn since becoming one of the most watched women in the world due to her relationship with Harry.

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But it won't be the most infamous. That honor is shared by her engagement ring and wedding band, the latter of which remains to be seen.

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Because it's just so incredibly stunning, here's another look at that other ring. Since it's a sign of her commitment to Prince Harry, it deserves to be worn solo and not stacked with other pieces. The bling commands the spotlight.

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Markle is most definitely a fan of the multi-ring, stacked look. She paired dainty, simple, and thin rings during a recent outing.

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The stylish royal family member-to-be loves to pile on several rings yet her look is never too busy. Her stack style is so on point.

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She is all about mixing the materials, thickness, and shapes with her digit accessories.

If you want to emulate Markle's ring style, you should totally snag the BaubleBar multi-digit ring before it goes buh-bye again. Or you can seek out the rings in her recent stack, which are detailed in the tweet above.

It's totally fine if you have succumbed to the Meghan Markle effect. Her style is modern, wearable, and easy to copy. Her fashion influence ripples across the pond and beyond.