Kylie Jenner Is Sporting Pink Hair For Her Birthday & It Looks Amazing

Kylie Cosmetics

What would a Kylie Jenner birthday be without a hair change? The beauty mogul and reality television star is almost as well known for her frequent style and color changes as she is her almost-billion-dollar beauty empire. So it should come as no surprise that on her birthday, Kylie Jenner donned pink hair, and it looks gorgeous.

On Thursday, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul took to her Instagram account to post what seems to be a celebratory photo from a shoot. In it, Jenner is backlit in red lights and looking gorgeous in a sheer yellow, lace lingerie set. Then, there's Jenner's short, pink-blonde hair with a dark shadow root that's attention-grabbing. In Snapchat videos from Wednesday evening, Jenner is seen rocking her signature long, dark locks, so are her new pink locks real?

The answer: probably not. Jenner is up-front about her love of wigs, and this look seems like a temporary 'do. From long, sherbert-orange colored hair for Coachella to actually dying her hair platinum blonde, Jenner certainly knows how to make a statement her 'do. But an indicator that she's gone under a major hair transformation for real? The star has typically documented dramatic changes — like her platinum moment — on her social media channels. If her hair was real, it would most definitely have hit her social media during the coloring and cutting process.

Although the change definitely seems like a wig, it's still gorgeous.

The birthday wig, however, isn't the first time Jenner has rocked pink hair.

She rocked a gorgeous rose gold on her natural locks previously.

She has also crushed ultra-long cotton candy hair.

Then, there was the pastel moment.

Kylie Jenner's pink birthday hair is definitely a fun moment, especially one that can be shared on her birthday. As for its status as a permanent look? Not this time, fans.