Is Kylie's Peach Palette Sold Out?

It's a story as old as time. Kylie Jenner releases a new Kylie Cosmetics product, it sells out immediately, she has to restock. On Thursday, Kylie's peach palette dropped, only to sell out before some of us (aka me) even knew it was available. But luckily, Jenner always has a plan to restock her products, or more likely, only releases half of them during the first launch, so she can immediately announce a relaunch.

On Wednesday night, Kylie shared an Instagram on the Kylie Cosmetics's account, congratulating those who were able to snag a Kylie peach palette, but she did not announce when exactly they would be restocked. However, if this palette is anything like the others, we can safely assume that you'll be able to buy it again in a week or two.

It's not surprising that Kylie's peach palette sold out quickly, as it's arguably her best palette yet. While Jenner's previous eyeshadow palettes had nine shades, the peach palette has 12 and it comes with a mirror and a brush. She's really taking her products to the next level.

Most of the eyeshadow shades in the peach palette match what the name implies — a selection of peachy and gold shades — but she also included a bright cobalt and a lavender, which are perfect for creating different, more creative looks with the peach palette.

Definitely keep your eyes peeled, because you know Kylie will tease us with a restock soon.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram