Why '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 May Be The Last Time We See Liberty High

David Moir/Netflix

Netflix's 13 Reasons Why tackles some very real (and extremely serious) topics facing teens today. So even though Liberty High isn't based on a real school, for some viewers, it may feel like one. In fact, it may even look a little familiar to those who live in the Sonoma County area.

As fans know by now, 13 Reasons Why is set in the fictional town of Crestmont — the same name used in Jay Asher's 2007 novel, upon which the show is based. In order to bring his story to life, exterior shots (along with a few interior ones) of Liberty were filmed at Analy High School, which is located in Sebastopol, California.

According to The Press Democrat, the century-old building went through a complete makeover for the series. This included a fresh coat of paint, landscaping, and replacing all of the Analy signs with "Liberty High School." The West Sonoma County High School District's contract with Paramount stipulated that the school's actual name would not be used "in any manner whatsoever in connection with its use or exhibition of the photographic product." So if you just so happen to have been to Analy firsthand, you may have recognized it in the show. Otherwise, you probably dismissed Liberty as any other nondescript high school. They all kind of look the same, don't they? Really, how different can a row of lockers be?

Beth Dubber/Netflix

Nevertheless, according to the actors, 13 Reasons Why's production crew had an intense attention to detail. Just after its first season dropped, Seventeen spoke with Hannah Payne, a then-20-year-old sophomore at UCLA who played the character of Stephanie in two episodes. Payne filmed at both Analy itself and on the set of a replicated version of the building's interior, though she admitted that she had a hard time telling the difference between the two locations since they were so similar in appearance.

"The crew built an exact replica of the high school hallways and classrooms in this giant warehouse," she told the outlet at the time. "I shot in both locations, and honestly, once you were inside, it was uncanny."

Liberty High will once again serve as an important backdrop for the third season of 13 Reasons Why, which will focus on the aftermath of Tyler's school shooting attempt while also introducing a new mystery: who killed Bryce Walker? "I need to know what happened to my son," Bryce's mom is shown saying at his funeral in the Season 3 trailer. "If any of you know anything, please say something."

Of course, whoever was involved in Bryce's death probably isn't that eager to come forward. But secrets don't have a tendency of staying secret for long in Crestmont, so the truth will more than likely come out before the credits roll.

As for Liberty, it may actually be the last time we see it. Per the Hollywood Reporter, Season 3 will include the core characters' graduation, so when the show returns for its fourth and final season, they probably won't still be hanging around their old high school. They haven't exactly had the best memories there.