Why Lifetime's New Zombie Movie Is A Perfect Spooky Season Treat


What do you get when you combine Lifetime drama with a Halloween twist? The answer is Zombie at 17, which debuts just in time for the spooky holiday on Oct. 27. It’s not surprising that the network would want to cash in on the Halloween and zombie TV craze that pulls in tons of viewers who love all things creepy, and perhaps not surprisingly, Zombie at 17 isn't based on a book or anything else. This is all original content, Lifetime, fans. And Zombie at 17 is also the perfect Halloween season movie if you'd rather laugh than hide under the covers.

According to Lifetime’s description, the film stars Celeste Desjardins as Tia Scott, a teenager who recently lost her sister in a hit-and-run. But, things get strange when Tia discovers that she has caught a virus that is slowly turning her into a zombie. She teams up with Flynn, a.k.a. the self-proclaimed paranormal expert and classic TV trope loner at her school, to see if they can discover a cure. The drama ramps up when her boyfriend Connor is murdered by a friend named Jason (no, not the hockey mask wearing one) and she has to solve the crime before she goes full zombie.

Tia brings her mother Kate and an eccentric doctor into the fold to hopefully stop the disease and keep her safe from Jason. Yeah, it’s a lot for just one movie, but Lifetime can’t resist adding a dramatic flair on top of already dramatic circumstances. Now that you know a bit more about Zombie at 17, here’s a few reasons why you should check it out this Halloween season.

The Trailer Is...Interesting

This might be one of the most dramatic trailers for a TV movie ever. It starts off with Tia freaking out over starting to lose her memories. She’s seen hanging out with Flynn, who says that she is starting to physically change (i.e. sunken eyes with dark circles) and they have to act quickly to save her. Meanwhile, her mom confronts her about doing totally not-normal things like lifting a heavy bookshelf off of her brother.

Tia’s mom and the aforementioned doctor are also seen examining some of Tia’s cells to find answers. But, Tia tells them she knows exactly why it is happening – she’s a ZOMBIE. GASP. The doctor says there is no way to slow down Tia’s progression, which is a problem because she has other issues to solve.

She’s seen arguing with Jason, who is suspicious about the time she has been spending with Flynn. The clip ends with Jason wielding a gun and several snippets of arguments, blood, and frustration from Tia. This packed teaser hints at it being the perfect movie to over-analyze on the couch with lots of snacks, drinks, and a massive blanket.

Who Can Resist The Undead?

Witches, black cats, scarecrows, and pumpkins might be a huge part of the season, but nothing screams Halloween more than anything related to the undead. There’s a reason why Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video is still such a big deal more than 35 years later.

As a matter of fact, people have a general obsession with the living dead as they tune into shows like iZombie, The Walking Dead, and Santa Clarita Diet. Viewers muse about how to avoid the virus, survival techniques, and what really happens when a person transitions into a zombie. So, if you like this kind of entertainment with an extra dose of drama, then Zombie at 17 will be a fun, fictional ride.

It Has All The Trappings Of A Halloween Movie

Finally, Zombie at 17 has all of those little things that make Halloween movies awesome. There’s teenagers trying to fight an unknown disease with police intervention, a suspicious murder, a splash of potential romance, a few clips of human guts to make you squeamish, a nonsensical plot, and just enough cheesy drama to keep you glued to the TV screen.

Yes, it’s more about drama than scares, but you don't always have to be terrified by a horror masterpiece to get in the spooky spirit. After all, Halloween is all about not taking yourself or movies too seriously, right? Catch Zombie at 17 on Saturday night at 8 p.m.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story misidentified the actress who portrays Tia Scott. It has been updated.