Lorde Has Blessed Us All With A New Song

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On the first day after Coachella, all the Lorde fans in the world woke up and kicked themselves mightily for not getting a ticket. Then, they got to work answering the most important question of the day: is Lorde's "Homemade Dynamite" on Spotify? The singer premiered the new Melodrama track at the music festival on Sunday night, and, although you can watch the footage of her Apr. 16 set to your heart's content, the song hasn't yet cropped up on Spotify. (I'll pause here for a moment so we can all briefly experience a joint disappointment in ourselves for not springing for tickets.)

Not only did Lorde premiere the new track, but she gave a pretty lengthy introduction for it as well, which is helpful because it's a bit hard to hear the lyrics in the recording. It's a bummer, because Lorde's lyrics are the best parts of her songs — tied, of course, with the melodies and the general vibe she manages to express. (Is it obvious yet that I'm obsessed with her.)

So we know from Lorde that "Homemade Dynamite" is about "all the facets of an evening," from getting ready and thinking you're the flyest thing ever to walk into a club to studying your face in the mirror of that club bathroom later on and being like, "What has happened here?" It's about the ups and downs that can happen in a single night of partying, so basically it's a snapshot of your 20s, and, whether you're looking forward to them, in them, or past them, it's the most relatable thing ever.

And it means Lorde has officially continued her streak of speaking directly to the secrets in my heart that I wish were known and seen. So, I'm going to think really hard about this song and the other one she premiered at the same time cropping up on Spotify, so that hopefully that secret wish and hope and dream will come true as well.

In the meantime, I'll continue watching this video forever, so that I have it memorized by the time it shows up on a streaming platform near me. It shouldn't be very long now, since Lorde's two other singles have already made their way to the site, and there's a long way between now and the album's release on June 16. A long enough way to debut two new singles, hint hint.