Lorde's Surprise Performance Will Give You All The Feels

by Amy Roberts
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're one to suffer from severe outbreaks of FOMO (me too), then you might want to take a deep breath before you keep reading. On Friday night, Lorde gave fans a surprise concert ahead of her highly anticipated upcoming performance at Coachella on Sunday, and you're seriously going to want to know every last detail. In addition to Lorde premiering new songs from Melodrama at the surprise performance, there's also the fact that this was her first live show in more than two years. And by all accounts, the singer did not disappoint. I'm so happy she's back, you guys — so happy.

On Thursday, Lorde had hinted on Twitter that fans in Southern California would want to be keeping their Friday night free for something. And now, we all know why. On Friday, the singer posted a tweet, saying, "i'm playing my first show in 2 and a half years tonight at midnight. PAPPY & HARRIET'S, pioneertown. see you there," along with a link to buy tickets.

A second, far more adorable, tweet by Lorde was posted immediately afterward and read, "$20 tickets because i'm 20 and because i love you. let's get raucous before coachella on sunday night AHH," which, presumably made all of her fans scream, "I love you too, Lorde" at their Twitter feed while promptly trying to buy tickets. Because, amazingly, the entire show sold out within minutes of Lorde's announcement.

But hey, if you didn't have the great pleasure of being there, then just you turn that frown upside down. Because thankfully, some fans who did attend the show managed to share some footage online. And holy crap, not only does Lorde bring her A-game in the clips, but she also played a previously unheard new song from Melodrama, and it sounds like pure fire.

But first, check out this sweet compilation of some of the best moments from Lorde's surprise performance. Mostly featuring songs from her first album, Pure Heroine, this short video highlights not only the elated atmosphere at the show, but also Lorde's unadulterated excitement at being there and performing live again.

It's a delight, for instance, to see Lorde blatantly loving every second of singing both old songs and new songs (like "Green Light," which you can enjoy later on in the clip), but also feeding off the passionate enthusiasm of her enraptured audience. If this show is anything to go by, then Lorde's Coachella performance this Sunday is likely to be nothing short of legendary.

Which brings me to Lorde's performance of "Sober" at the surprise show. In the New York Times' recent in-depth profile of Lorde, the musician explained how "Sober" came to really define the overall sound of Melodrama. With its combination of lyrics focused on pleasure ("My hips have missed your hips") and unease (the nervous question of, "What will we do when we’re sober?"), the song convinced her that Melodrama would tell the story of a house party. She explained,

"With a party, there’s that moment where a great song comes on and you’re ecstatic, and then there’s that moment later on where you’re alone in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, you don’t think you look good, and you start feeling horrible."

And when you listen to the song, you can certainly hear the meeting point of these ideas. At times sultry and exuberant, and at other moments anxious and foreboding, "Sober" definitely sounds like it could be Melodrama's defining song. And from this preview, that means terrific things for the album as a whole.

Like that house party Lorde will be singing about on Melodrama, her surprise performance seemed to feature a number of great songs that made the singer and her audience "ecstatic." But, here's hoping that nobody went home and felt "horrible" after it, as the flip side of Melodrama's songs may indicate. Because, honestly? This is a party that should continue for some time. Welcome back, Lorde — we've missed you.