Lorde's Song "Melodrama" Is Amazing

by S. Atkinson
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The pop music harvest has been bountiful this year. After four long, music-free years since Pure Heroine (no, a Hunger Games soundtrack song doesn't count), we're getting a whole bunch of new Lorde tracks just like that. But is Lorde's song "Melodrama" on Spotify? Don't feel dumb for asking. After all, the singer did premiere a bunch of tracks at Coachella on Sunday April 16 — the poppier "Homemade Dynamite" and the more sedate titular track from her upcoming album.

Before dropping them, Lorde explained her inspiration:

"I thought about all the ups and downs of being a 20s, specifically all the ups and downs of an evening. So I spent a lot of time going out, as you do, and I was struck by all of the facets of an evening-"

She explained that each night has both good and bad moments and clarified that "It was the dichotomy of those two things that I'm very interested in."

Given these two debuts and a third premiere of her track "Sober" at a pre-Coachella gig, the "Royals" singer seems to be in the mood to spread her musical gospel and surely the quickest way to reach a whole bunch of ears would be via the music streaming service, right? However, as of the time of writing, "Melodrama" isn't on the online platform. You can, however, check it out below.

This said, there is still hope that you won't have to wait two months more for the Melodrama release date — June 16, 2017 — to get access to your new favorite Lorde single via Spotify. After all, while her second album is nowhere near out yet, both of the two singles the musician has officially released ("Green Light" and "Liability") are on the platform.

As such, I'd be surprised if we had to wait more than a week to be able to stream it for ourselves minus the video. And that's important, because it's one of the strongest tracks I've heard from the upcoming album so far. Ironically, despite the song bewailing "the f*cking melodrama," the beauty of the track lies in Lorde's delivery. Even at her most restrained, she's always been a deeply theatrical performer who gets swept up in her own delivery. It's an unashamedly dramatic song, and it's all the better for it.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Besides which, this track seems to encapsulate the advantages the New Zealand native has above so many other major pop songwriters: only a year ago she was still a teen, so she has an authentic perspective on that time in life when emotions feel overwhelming and intense and even tiny spats get blown up into full-on raging arguments. She's fresh enough not to second guess herself; you can see that in her getting lost in the music and dancing to it in the video above.

So join me in sending the talented "Melodrama" singer a psychic nudge. Please can we get this on Spotify at the earliest opportunity? Thanks.