Is Lucas AD On 'Pretty Little Liars'? His Comic Book Makes Him Suspicious


The weeks are dwindling down on Pretty Little Liars, and there are only so many people that AD could feasibly be. Sometimes, when I’m watching the show, I lean towards Paige McCullers (mostly because I don’t understand why she and Paige keep getting back together), but sometimes, I think it’s Lucas. Lucas is just conveniently there to help Hannah, uh, all the time, so is Lucas AD on Pretty Little Liars? New evidence could point the finger toward him.

I didn’t start thinking about this until we all found out that Charlotte DiLaurentis and Lucas knew each other because they went to a summer camp for off-beat (it’s nicer than saying “troubled”) kids when they were younger. Apparently, Charlotte and Lucas were best buds! On the May 23 episode, it was revealed that Lucas may have written a comic book/graphic novel that depicted a friend of his being bullied and her ultimately getting revenge against her tormentors. Sound familiar? Oh, and there is the whole thing that Lucas was selling the factory in which he said he’d make Hanna’s clothes. That sounds suspect, doesn’t it? Well, on the next episode, it seems like Lucas gets to explain himself, and he says something in the preview along the lines of that he was the reason that Hanna keeps getting tortured. Well, uh, Hanna, a word of advice — you should probably drop Lucas as your pal.


All of this is why Lucas probably isn’t AD. The show loves a red herring, and we’re too far from the series finale to nail down that Lucas is the person who’s been torturing the Liars all of this time. It makes sense that he would want to punish Charlotte’s killers, but Pretty Little Liars doesn’t give up the game that easily. I want to know how he’s involved, but I don’t think that Lucas is the kingpin of it all.