Is Maisie Williams Dating Anyone? The 'Game Of Thrones' Actor Found Love Outside Of Westeros

Matt Cardy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Arya Stark definitely doesn't have the time or need for a relationship right now on Game of Thrones. What about the actor that plays her, though? Is Maisie Williams dating anyone? Or does she spend her spare time righting wrongful deaths like Arya, too? First of all, no — Williams is an actor. Instead, the 21-year-old star likes to spend her spare time doing fun things with her friends and her long-term boyfriend, Ollie Jackson.Perhaps he'll end up escorting his lady to the 2018 Emmy Awards.

During a 2016 interview with InStyle U.K. (via Refinery29), Williams spilled the beans about her very "normal" boyfriend. "We've been together for over a year," she said at the time. "I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious," the star joked. "He's not famous. I met him at school. And now he's my boyfriend!"

Williams continued to explain,

"People feel it’s strange that someone who’s famous can go out with someone who’s normal. I don’t meet anyone else. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t go to all these parties. I don’t meet the other young, male actors. I just like normal people, I guess."

In general, Williams and Jackson seem like a pretty low-key, "normal" couple. They go to concerts together, they spend lazy days watching T.V. and hanging out, they play board games like Trivial Pursuit — a game that, while the couple was playing it once, put Jackson in the hilarious position of having to answer a question where "Arya Stark" was the answer.

They're also a very "normal" couple in that they gush over one another on their Instagram pages. Williams has captioned photos of Jackson with things like, "knockout," heart emojis, and "off the richter" — as in, off the Richter Scales. Might start using that.

Jackson, for his part, is equally as smitten with Williams, it seems. He captioned one photo of her with just "DAMN" and two rocket ships. In another photo he declared her a "Certified mind blower." In a third photo he revealed, "A year ago, today, I bought this little diamond a mango rubicon. It was the start of summin special and she never looked back."

Wait — is that how he wooed her? With a mango-flavored juice drink? That is so pure, and so, so sweet. Seeing as how Williams said they met at school, can't you just imagine this all going down in like, an open, outdoor quad-type area? Oh-so-very teen rom-com style. Love it.

Williams and Jackson made their red carpet debut together at the Los Angeles Premiere for Game of Thrones' seventh season in 2017. However, it seems as if he might prefer to stand out of the spotlight. Jackson is rarely photographed attending high-profile events with his actor girlfriend, which totally makes sense.

Walking a red carpet would probably be nerve-racking as hell for most "normal" people. Game of Thrones is nominated for seven awards total this year, so it'll definitely be an exciting night.