Malika's 'Famously Single' Relationship Wasn't One For The Ages

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now in its second season, E!'s original series Famously Single has brought on Khloe Kardashian's bestie and DASH Dolls star Malika Haqq in her quest for love. Right in the premiere episode, fans watched as she and Jersey Shore's Ronnie formed almost an instant connection upon entering the loft. So, is Malika dating anyone after Famously Single?

Unfortunately, their love connection was apparently brief. Malika appears to be single now that the show is on air. Malika recently confirmed to E! that she and Ronnie are no longer together. "He and I are the type of people that gravitate toward having security blankets in situations and love happens to be one of those things for both of us," she said. "It got us through. It worked in the meantime. It just wasn't able to survive the test of ultimate time, like real life outside of the loft."

Fans may be aware that Ronnie has made somewhat of a habit of entering reality shows and immediately forming pretty serious bonds. (Ahem, Jersey Shore.) Well, Famously Single is no different. Right away, Ronnie and Malika had chemistry and they both leaned right into it. The two paired off and seemed to be on the road to maybe be coming a pretty serious relationship. Of course, things are likely very different in a cushy loft where all you have to do is concentrate on how much you like each other than they are in everyday life. Once this couple stepped out into the world outside of the reality show, it doesn't look like the relationship strengthened. Malika also claimed that she and Ronnie have very different "love languages" when she spoke about the split to People. She said that Ronnie has an "aggressive" way of showing affection that didn't match her own her communication method.

I did some digging into Malika's social media presence and there's no indication that she is presently dating anyone else. Sure, she might not be in a new romantic relationship at the moment, but Malika did not walk away from Famously Single empty handed. She and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang seemed to have found true friendship love with each other, which is an even better outcome in my book. Their respective Instagram accounts are rife with bestie love for each other, and it is adorable.

According to Malika, her split from Ronnie seemed to be pretty mutual. Though the relationship didn't last, they both may have learned something that will lead them to a longer commitment in the future.