What It Means If You're Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night During Mercury Retrograde


Now that Mercury Retrograde's been happening for over a week, since Dec. 3, you may have noticed how it's affecting your life. For instance, if you're wondering why Mercury Retrograde is waking you up at night, good question. It's no secret that Mercury rx — as astrologers call it — affects your mood. "During Mercury Retrograde, people can get easily unhinged, with their reactions kind of similar to a Full Moon," Wave Rayne, Metaphysical Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Author, and leads courses during rare cosmic events like All Planets Direct Motion (APDM), tells Bustle. "The people that get the most unhinged are those with acute sensitivities, like empaths [and] psychics." So since Mercury Retrograde influences your mood, it's no wonder that it influences your sleep patterns, too.

"If you are finding yourself waking up in the middle of the night or you have insomnia during the Mercury rx phase, this could mean that your soul is asking you to look at a few things going on in your life that are needing some tweaking," Rayne says. "Your soul is on your side. It wants for your highest self. Pay attention to any dream fragments, as they will provide clues for where you need to make an adjustment. Your dreams may also give you ideas for solutions."

But, Mercury Retrograde May Not Be The Cause For Your Sleeplessness

Others, however, think sleep inconsistencies during Mercury Retrograde can be just that — sleep inconsistencies, no matter what Mercury happens to be doing. "I wouldn't blame Mercury rx for insomnia," Mecca Woods, a New York City-based astrologer of, tells Bustle. "That's more likely to happen around an eclipse or a full moon. If anything, Mercury rx might be an excuse to sleep in because it's a time for slowing down and taking our time."


Linda Furiate, a consulting Astrologer, Healthy Habits Expert, Reiki I&II, Inspirational Guide, and the founder of Of Universal Mind, also has theories on why your sleep patterns may be off during Mercury Retrograde. "Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo, and Virgo is the sign most associated with our health and daily rituals," Furiate tells Bustle. "If our habits serve us well during the Mercury Retrograde cycle, this typically should not affect our sleep patterns. However, because of the fact that, during a Mercury Retrograde, our daily schedules may tend to change without warning or forethought, we may find ourselves participating in activities outside of our norm. We may stay out later or possibly consume more caffeine, alcohol, or foods that keep us awake. Also, Mercury is the planet that is associated with the mind. As a result, often during a Mercury Retrograde, our minds may race with numerous ideas and scenarios that prevent the body from relaxing."

What To Do If Your Sleep Patterns Are Off — During Mercury Retrograde

OK, so you're tired of tossing and turning — and waking up repeatedly — during Mercury Retrograde, but what can you do about it? The good news is, whatever the reason for your sleep issues may be, Mercury Retrograde or not, there are plenty of healthy ways to try to get a full night's rest. "In any case, sleep deprivation is serious," Rayne says. "There are many remedies, too. Some require pharmaceutical medications, like melatonin, which only works for some people, not all. If you prefer the natural route, research online or go to your local co-op or herbal store, and inquire about flower remedies or herbs for a better night's sleep." Personally, I've been trying out valerian root lately, and it's been helping a lot with middle-of-the-night bouts of insomnia.

But even before you go to sleep for the night, there are things you can do to help yourself prepare for sleep, mentally speaking. "Mercury rx is a great time for renewal and to refresh your entire system," Rayne says. "It's just the best time to do relaxing activities that help you to feel better: Go to the spa, get a warm stone massage, go to a hot springs and soak up the healthy minerals, get your hair done if that is relaxing to you, listen to music that you love. And if you are living in the city, take a weekend to go off to the countryside, get some fresh air, and enjoy a cute little restaurant with really good food." I don’t know about you, but I don't need any convincing to do what Rayne suggests.

Furiate agrees that self-care during this time is key. "This lack of sleep may have the potential to affect our health or general well-being," she tells Bustle. "If this is the case, I often recommend to my clients that they become more grounded in their bodies. This may include a brief walk, engaging in a few yoga poses, or spending 10-15 minutes a day allowing the mind to relax through a focused meditation. It is also best to limit mind-arousing thoughts prior to sleep. Offer yourself adequate time to unwind before crawling into bed and keep television watching to a minimum — especially if it contains high-energy or opinionated talking heads."

If you're one of the unlucky ones waking up in the middle of the night due to Mercury Retrograde, the good news is, there are solutions you can try to sleep better, Mercury Retrograde or not. The other good news is, it's almost over — on Dec. 22 — so hopefully you're be getting a good night's rest after that, if not sooner.