Miranda Might Be A Terrorist On 'Quantico'


Quantico returned with an explosive new episode (pardon the pun), "Cleopatra." The first episode back from hiatus gave us a lot of answers about the terrorist attack in NYC, and, as is the Quantico way, with those answers came a lot more questions. Long story short: Alex helps Shelby and Hannah figure out that the AIC isn't behind the attack, they're the targets of it. But, before Alex can really gain their trust and start working with the FBI, Miranda walks in with a gun and the two escape FBI custody. So, is Miranda a terrorist on Quantico?

In the final scene of the Quantico winter premiere, Miranda sat in the passenger seat and told Alex to drive. "I am one of the terrorists. And after the conversation we are about to have, you will be too," she said ominously. The scene didn't show Miranda with a gun in her hand, but it sure looks like she abducted Alex at gunpoint, and at the FBI, Hannah and Shelby are at full emergency mode when they realize that both of them are missing. So, it definitely looks like Miranda is up to no good. If Miranda is one of the terrorists, that means she has a vendetta against the AIC, which makes sense, considering she was the one who sent Alex undercover into the CIA in the first place. But, can we really take her at her word? And, what does this mean for Alex?

Miranda being a terrorist could throw everything Alex thinks she knows into question. Is the AIC really a dangerous organization? Or is it Miranda who is the real threat? And, if Miranda wants to recruit Alex to her cause, which we assume is a vendetta against the AIC, then Alex will be put in the position of going after her ex-fiancé, Ryan. Then there's the fact that knowing that the AIC aren't behind the terrorist attack is comforting, but not really that reassuring when you consider they blackmailed Léon, Dayana, and Ryan into loyalty. Bottom line: Miranda being a potential terrorist leaves us with way more questions than answers.