Who Is Priyanka Chopra Dating? The 'Quantico' Star Keeps A Low Profile


Priyanka Chopra is more than just the star of Quantico. She's also the owner of the best hair on television, the queen of the red carpet, and the groundbreaking actor who successfully made the jump from Bollywood to Hollywood without batting an eye. On Jan. 8, Chopra will grace the Golden Globes with her presence, and though she traditionally walks the red carpet alone, perhaps she'll bring a date. But just who is Priyanka Chopra dating?

For a celebrity known the world over, Chopra has managed to keep her private life pretty damn private. She doesn't get caught partying by the paparazzi, and she doesn't post extremely personal photos on social media (she prefers dogs and selfies, thank you very much). As a result, she's been romantically linked to celebrities, but without any conclusive evidence.

That hasn't stopped fans from shipping her with some of her fellow stars, though. Just take the 2016 Emmys, during which Chopra presented with Tom Hiddleston. The two made such a good looking couple that they immediately sparked fans' imaginations, and rumors quickly emerged that the two had been flirting. If Chopra and Hiddleston are dating, though (which seems unlikely), you wouldn't know it. The two haven't been spotted out in public together since the Emmys, and a lot of the rumors of a romance between them have been explained away by fan shipping.


Part of the reason why we never hear about Chopra's exciting dating life is due to the fact that she doesn't typically date, according to the star. "I've never dated," Chopra told InStyle in an interview. "I've always been in relationships." When pressed on the matter, Chopra said that her distaste for dating comes from her Indian culture, where people "court," but not date around. "You're answerable to each other. Whereas the nonanswerability of dating, my god, I don't know if I would ever be able to," she said. Furthermore, as someone who has lived in the spotlight for almost 20 years, Chopra prefers to keep her love life to herself. "90 percent of my life is an open book. Everyone knows where I am; you can literally find anything about my life online," Chopra said in an interview with Complex. "I'd rather be spoken about for my work than my private life and I want to keep it like that until there's a ring on my finger."

Whether Chopra is single or in a committed relationship, it looks like we won't know for sure until some lucky man puts a ring on it. Until then, I'll just keep shipping Chopra and Hiddleston to give me hope in this dark, dark world.