Did 'Quantico' Just Kill The First Lady? The Citizens' Liberation Front Is Not Messing Around

If you were worried about how Quantico would recreate the jaw-dropping twists of the show's first season in it's second, consider your worries for naught. Quantico kicked off Season 2 with a new law enforcement agency, a new terror attack on New York City (this time, on the United Nations), and a brand new political death. Quantico 's Season 2 premiere, "Kudove," ended with the new terrorists beheading the First Lady of the United States with a sword in what appeared to be a live broadcast. But, did Quantico just kill the First Lady?

Just like first season, Season 2 of Quantico takes place partly in the present and partly in the past. In the past, it's been six months since Alex cleared her name and ended her career at the FBI. When we meet back up with our favorite accused terrorist, she's working a desk job at the CIA, dating Ryan, and still friends with Shelby. Things get a bit rocky when she and Ryan are both recruited to join CIA training as an undercover mission for the FBI, but all in all, things are good. In the present, Alex appears to still be working for the CIA, but she and Ryan are not on good terms, as evidenced when they awkwardly cross paths at the G20 Summit in NYC. But, enough about Alex and Ryan, the real story in the present is that Ryan and the other G20 Summit attendees have been taken hostage by a group of masked terrorists who call themselves the "Citizens' Liberation Front."


The Citizens' Liberation Front demands that the President of the U.S. pardon a criminal, or they'll kill the First Lady. Despite Ryan's best efforts, the President does as they ask, announcing the pardon on a live stream set up by the terrorist group. But, it doesn't matter. Right after he announced the pardon on camera, the terrorists yank the First Lady up on stage and force her to kneel, raise a sword and, that's that. The episode ended before any actual decapitation could occur, but it looks like Quantico just killed the First Lady — in it's season opener. Meanwhile, Alex, who was outside when the terrorists took over the Summit, sees it all happen after confronting Jeremy Miller, one of her fellow CIA recruits, about his involvement. He doesn't give her anything, but his presence suggests a major conspiracy in the CIA.

Who are the Citzens' Liberation Front on Quantico? What do they want, and how are they connected to the CIA? More importantly, how many CIA agents are in on it? It's going to be a long, confusing, and thrilling season.

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