Is 'Moonlight' On Netflix? The Oscar-Nominated Film Is One You Shouldn't Miss


I know what you're thinking. The Oscars are on Sunday, but you still haven't seen enough of the nominated films to sound impressive in front of your friends. So, with that in mind, is Moonlight on Netflix? Would that it were so simple. I agree that Moonlight is absolutely one of the films you should make an effort to watch, whether it's before or after Feb. 26. But, at least in the short term, you'll have to catch it in theaters or pay for it on-demand or on iTunes.

It's true that Moonlight was released all the way back in October 2016, and most films don't stay on the big screen that long. But, when you're nominated for eight Academy Awards, an exception tends to be made, and it has been in this case. As CNBC reported in 2015, the average theatrical run is four weeks long, but the reality is that a film's run can be extended for as long as it's still drawing audiences and making money. Because of Moonlight's impressive award season performance so far, it's still doing both.

For that reason, it will could be another couple years before it's available to stream on Netflix. Yes, you heard that right. As The Huffington Post noted in 2014, studios are interested in squeezing every last drop of potential profits out of a feature before releasing it to streaming platforms like Netflix, which offer unlimited viewings for a set monthly price. In contrast, Moonlight might be added to the DVD service fairly soon, as that charges per view — much like iTunes and On Demand, where, as I mentioned, the film is already available.


Basically, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it'll be a long, long time before you can see Moonlight on Netflix.