Get Morphe's Copper Dream Brushes While You Can

Morphe's post-Christmas Day launches made fans seriously happy with some of the new products even selling out in a few hours after their initial launch. The sellouts, however, have left fans wondering if the Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set is sold out? The good news, though, is that the set is — thankfully — still available, but based on the reception of the other launches, it seems like that may be changing in the not so distant future.

As of press time, the Morphe Copper Dreams set is still available for purchase. The brushes were launched alongside the Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha eyeshadow palettes, and while the Copper Spice palette was available a short time ago, both palettes have completely sold out over at the Morphe website. If people are loving the brushes as much as they loved the two gorgeous palettes, the set won't be around for much longer.

Plus, the brush set is also super affordable, making it even more likely to sell out. At just $39.99 for 12 brushes, it's only a little over $3 for each brush. The set also includes a copper-toned cylinder container for the set as well. It's practically a steal, and it'll be hard for fans to pass it up.

Couple the killer price and fans' loyalty to the brand with how stunning the brushes are, and it may as well have sell-out written in the Instagram caption. With stunning copper ferrels and chic white handles, they're one of the most gorgeous collections to come from Morphe.

Fans are already purchasing the brushes, too.

People are stoked that they're available. Considering that they're limited edition, fans should get on those purchases soon.

If you wanted to snag the Morphe Copper Dreams brush set, head over to the Morphe website now. With an already insanely successful sell-out of the Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha palettes, the brushes are sure to be next.