Morphe's Copper Brushes Are So Affordable

The day of Christmas has been a big day for beauty lovers and online shoppers — even bigger if you're both. With gift cards and cash flowing during gift giving, it makes sense that shopping would be huge. Morphe's Copper Dreams brush set is definitely a new post-Christmas release that online shoppers should check out. Even if fans already own a huge collection of the brand's stellar brushes, these new beauties are definitely one's you'll want to display on your vanity, and even better, they're also totally affordable.

Morphe is known for the high-quality yet low-price products, and the Copper Bream brush set is no different when it comes to the brand's pricing. The Copper Dreams set features 12 gorgeous brushes and one copper cylinder case for just $39.99. That's only a little over $3 per brush plus the case. It's practically a steal. With both complexion and eye brushes, it's basically everything you need as well. Bonus: it's super pretty.

With a gorgeous copper gold ferrel and white handle, they're perfect for a belated holiday gift or as a gift to yourself because these should definitely be in your collection, and honestly, they're so pretty, it's hard to resist. At such a killer price, why should you though?

If you want to snag the brushes, you should probably move fast, though. The set launched at the same time as the brand's other post-Christmas launches — the Copper Spice palette and Bronzed Mocha palette — one of which has already reached sold out status. It seems like Morphe can do no wrong, and if the sell-out of the Bronzed Mocha palette is any indication, the same fate may be coming for the Copper Dreams brush set.

Plus, you'll want to get them before they're gone because these brushes are limited edition. So far, Morphe has made no mention on social media of whether or not the set would be restocked if a sell-out occurs.

Fans are definitely loving this palette, and the odds of a sell-out happening seem high.

Even those who have never ordered from Morphe before are purchasing the set.

At $39.99, the Morphe Copper Dreams brush set is a steal, and it makes sense why fans and new Morphe buyers are loving it. With a stunning copper ferrel, chic white handles, and a bomb price, it's a hard deal to miss.