'My Mother's Split Personalities' Wraps EVERYTHING Lifetime Fans Love Into One Movie

Anna Malgina/Stocksy

Lifetime movies have covered nearly every scary scenario possible: stalkers, internet obsessions, shocking murders, creepy kids. But the network has managed to find yet another dark avenue to explore with My Mother's Split Personalities. It isn't a true story, which is what makes many Lifetime films so juicy, but it does have a twist-filled plot that goes much deeper than the title suggests.

According to the official description, Kayla Wallace plays Julie Price. After her father dies from a heart attack, she returns home to her estranged mother, Gail, who she hasn't seen in two years. Julie soon discovers that Gail is acting strangely, and has begun dating a man named Warren, a dangerous criminal scheming to get his hands on the money Julie's late father left behind.

Naturally, Julie sets out to get to the bottom of her mother's odd behavior and gets caught up in Warren's dark, deadly world of crime. Ultimately, she'll have to find a way to defeat him so she can get her mom the help she needs. From the sounds of it, this movie is going to combine all the elements Lifetime fans love with murder, crime, possible blackmail/fraud, and an inevitable fight to the death.

Sadly, there isn't a full trailer to give this story more context, but the description alone is enough to raise questions and cause some speculation among viewers. How long has Gail been involved with Warren? It seems strange that she would move on so quickly following her husband's tragic death, but perhaps they were separated at the time. On the other hand, knowing Lifetime, she was likely having an affair with Mr. Crime Boss. Also, why were Julie and her mother estranged anyway? There's a lot that could be explored there, but it likely won't be unless the reason has something to do with Warren.

And, if Warren is this big crime boss, then why does he want Gail's money? He must be bad at his illegal activities if he is trying to steal from a widow who is struggling with mental and emotional distress. Of course, he could just be doing this because he's a terrible person, but surely there's a reason why he targeted Gail, right? What exactly happened to cause this shift in Gail's personality?

Did she start having issues after her husband's death or has she been dealing with it for a while unbeknownst to Julie? And how is Julie going to defeat a crime lord? Does she have to fight several mini-bosses to get to the final boss? Hopefully Julie has been working on her stabbing and shooting skills, because she's going to need them to get out of this bizarre situation.

Julie has a lot to figure out and it's going to take a lot of bravery and guts to confront and defeat Warren. No one knows how it's all going to go down yet, but it's worth tuning in to find out. Catch My Mother's Split Personalities on Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. ET.