Old Navy Is Having A Major Sale Featuring $5 Tees & $15 Jeans

Columbus Day isn't just another federal holiday that results in a day off. It's also marked by major retail sales. The Old Navy Columbus Day Sale (offers sizes XXS to 4X) is basically a mid-Fall 2018 sale. It's active right now through Tuesday, Oct. 9. There are literally thousands of styles marked down as low as $5 and up to $20. That equals super duper, wallet-saving, and closet-loving sales.

Autumn is all about layers — for function and fashion, for warmth and stylish wear. You can stock up on essentials and basics that will carry you through winter and into spring, as well as seasonal pieces. You can build your rest-of-2018 wardrobe —as well as plan for 2019 — with this mega sale.

Here's the basic rundown. There are $5 specials on tees for the family, as well as graphic pieces for kids and babies and more.

There is a $10 deal on long-sleeved tees, adult graphic pieces, and other baby items.

Additionally, adult jeans, adult sweaters, and women's dresses are discounted to $15.

Outerwear, adult sweatshirts, and adult pants are marked down to $20.

Go ahead and take a moment to let that information (and good news!) sink in. But only for a minute — because you have a lot of shopping to do.

Since there are so many items on deal, there are some key pieces you should consider grabbing in order to maximize your savings.

Happy shopping and enjoy adding fresh pieces to your wardrobe.


2. Vests

3. Striped Tees

4. Swing Dresses

5. Cardigans

6. Tees

7. Power Jeans

You simply won't go wrong by adding any or all of these pieces to your wardrobe. There are tons of cuts, colors, prints, silhouettes, and sizes. There's a lot to sort through. But you can use this list as starting point and shopping list. You can mix and match entire outfits or pair these with pieces you already own.

Enjoy taking full advantage of this Old Navy mid-fall sale.