Peter Could Re-Enter 'The Bach' Dating Game In A Big Way

George Burns/ABC

Well, it's official: Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season has finally come to a close, and Peter Kraus was not the man to nab her final rose. But as many fans know, filming wraps months ahead of the actual finale air date, so while it may seem fresh on-screen, Peter has had some time to process, which brings us to a pressing question. Is Peter dating anyone after The Bachelorette?

The personal trainer was a frontrunner from the beginning, with many fans pegging him as the last one standing, but sweet-talking Miami chiropractor Bryan Abasolo ultimately edged him out, putting Peter right back on the market. This close to the reveal, it's difficult to piece together whether or not Peter has found love with someone else (though his bromance with Dean is still going strong). Members of Bachelor Nation have to keep tight-lipped about any spoilers, so even if Peter is dating someone, he wouldn't be able to go public about it just yet.

Still, there are always a handful of hints that can, at the very least, provide some speculative answers. Peter's Instagram, for example, is primarily filled with promotional posts for his business, Worth Personal Training, and snapshots of his friends and family, so it seems like he's doubling down on his career and surrounding himself with a supportive community — both good things for mending a broken heart. In fact, the only women in Peter's life seem to be his dog, Daisy, his niece and other female relatives, and the occasional coworker.

Many viewers have campaigned hard for Peter to be the next Bachelor and date his own pool of 25+ women, but it seems like he's focused on building professional and personal relationships, not romantic ones — at least for now. It's clear he had genuine feelings for Rachel, and everyone handles breakups differently, so it would be totally reasonable if he's not quite ready to start dating again.

Plus, a large part of the reason he didn't win Rachel's heart was that he was hesitant to propose to someone after knowing them for only a few weeks, a completely realistic approach IRL but one that doesn't fly in Bachelor Nation. So, not only does immediately jumping into something not seem like Peter's speed, but yet again trying his hand at the fast-paced world of reality show dating would be counterintuitive for someone who clearly wants to take his time when it comes to picking a life partner. For now, Peter appears to be doing just fine on his own, and let's be real, he shouldn't have any shortage of suitors when he does decide to open himself up again.