How To Follow Peter After 'The Bachelorette'

There are just three men left for Rachel Lindsay to choose between on The Bachelorette's Aug. 7 finale, and the salt-and-pepperiest and gap-toothiest of them all is Peter Kraus. And whether the personal trainer wins Rachel's heart or not, he'll be off the air soon enough, and fans are likely looking for another way to keep up with the hunky heartthrob. (At least, until he potentially becomes the Bachelor.) So, the question of the hour — is Peter Kraus on Snapchat?

It's possible that Peter's flying under the radar and has a secret account, but the reality star doesn't seem to have a public account. Not only does he not come up in a search of the social media platform, but even Reality Steve was unable to come up with a handle for the contestant.

At the beginning of Season 13, when the blogger was introducing all the Bachelorette men, he found profiles for the 31-year-old on other platforms, but no Snapchat. Peter has a personal Facebook, one for his personal training business, an Instagram where he shares adorable photos of his niece, and a LinkedIn, but there's no telltale yellow ghost where you can watch whatever day-to-day activities he chooses to share with an audience.

At least, not yet. Who knows, maybe he'll come out with one in the next few weeks. But whether it would be under the name @MrRachelLindsay, or @HeartBrokenTrainerGuy remains to be seen.