Is Raven Single After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? The Guys Are Lining Up For Her

Paul Hebert/ABC

What’s a woman to do when Nick Viall dumps her on national television? Go on Bachelor In Paradise and get back on that horse, of course. At least, that’s what Bachelor Nation star Raven Gates is doing. She was the runner-up on Nick’s season of The Bachelor, and she’s looking for love again on the franchise’s summer series. So, did it happen, or is Raven single after Bachelor In Paradise?

We’re only a few episodes into Bachelor In Paradise 4 right now, so it’s hard to see what’s coming up for Raven — especially since the show's timeline was condensed due to the brief production shutdown. If you thought finding love in a matter of weeks was implausible, try a matter of days. But Raven is such a gem that I have really high hopes for her love life, and it’s nice to see she’s putting herself out there again. Unsurprisingly her list of potential Bachelor Nation suitors is not short. And, it started even before Paradise began with former contestants coming out of the woodwork to express their feelings for Raven. For example, shortly after The Bachelor ended, JoJo's Bachelorette contestant James Taylor expressed his desire to get to know Raven better in Mexico.

Now, unfortunately, James hasn’t made an appearance on Bachelor In Paradise, so unless they met before the show or he appears later, that’s out. Raven also has a close friendship with Wells Adams, another contestant from JoJo’s season and the bartender in Paradise this year (Jorge has gone off to start a tour company). As bartender, Wells isn’t up for grabs, but maybe he and Raven really hit it off? They’re making plans on Twitter:

Wells and Raven would make an especially cute couple, but there’s no proof (yet!) that they’re doing anything romantic. But, she may also have a spark with a fellow Paradiser. Reality Steve posted a picture on his Twitter of what appears to be Raven on a Bachelor In Paradise date with Adam that was snapped by a nearby fan.

You may remember him from Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, because he was the one who brought that creepy Adam, Jr. doll with him.

And, let's not forget that Robby was interested in Raven when he first arrived in Paradise. Of course, she wasn't so into him.

Usually, it’s easy to surmise whom a reality star is dating via their social media, but Raven is either being intentionally vague or keeping things airtight so she doesn’t spoil her Bachelor In Paradise love story. The bottom line here? It's not known yet if Raven found love in Paradise, so we'll just have to watch her journey. But, if she left single? Well, fans probably wouldn't say no to a Raven Bachelorette season...

After all, she's so popular with the guys of Bachelor Nation, it wouldn't be hard at all to find 25+ men for her season.