Is Wells A Bartender In Real Life? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Will Be Pouring Drinks In Mexico


Alcohol and Bachelor Nation go hand in hand with the contestants usually enjoying a few cocktails over the course of each show. Bachelor In Paradise is far from an exception, since the wildest incarnation of the property has the cast flirting over margaritas at a Mexican resort. The vacation vibe of the show means a well-stocked bar is a necessity and for Season 4, former cast member Wells will be the bartender on Bachelor In Paradise. The radio DJ has been a fan favorite since he appeared on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, but does Wells have any bartending experience? While it doesn't appear that he has ever dabbled in bartending professionally, he's got the social life to back up this special position.

Wells appeared as a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 and caught the fancy of many female contestants. Yet, he went home single after breaking up with Ashley. This time around, his duties will include less wooing and more pouring since Wells has replaced Jorge as the bartender. Fortunately for him, it seems that Wells won't be responsible for mixing all the drinks or ensuring the cast follows that new two-drink max rule. That's what producers are for.

There's no evidence of Wells being a professional bartender at any point in his real life. While he could have been a bartender before becoming a radio DJ in Nashville, his LinkedIn profile does not indicate that. And on his Twitter, he has only discussed hosting a bartender competition — not participating.

But even though he may not be a bartender, Wells is a bit of a budding expert. So here are 12 times he proved on his Instagram that he knows his way around a fancy liquor cabinet:

1. Bottling Wine

His dad makes wine and so Wells has been known to help out in the bottling process. It's safe to assume that he gets to savor some of his family's product.

2. Partying With Bands

As a DJ, Wells gets to hang out with the bands he interviews and so it's kind of his job to party like a rockstar.

3. Proving His Devotion With Ed Sheeran

Wells might not have a beer in his hand in this photo of him with a young Ed Sheeran, but his shirt shows where his head is at.

4. Partying With His Mom

Please note that Wells' mom seems to have a cocktail in the hand that she isn't chugging a bottle of wine with. And what's in that boot mug?

5. Celebrating With Shots

How else are you supposed to ring in your 30th birthday?

6. Being Patriotic

Even when he's honoring America, he does so in front of a sign that says, "Cold Beer."

7. Decorating With Wine

His home decor reflects his appreciation of wine.

8. Sharing With His Dog

Wells' bloodhound Carl is his ultimate buddy, so of course he shares a beer with his dog every so often. Not literally, I assume.

9. Watching The Bachelorette

Like much of Bachelor Nation, Wells enjoys a tipple while he watches the shows.

10. Prepping For The Men Tell All

And he even had a beer before appearing on The Bachelorette post-show.

11. Supporting Bachelor Nation

He showed there's no hard feelings between him, Jared, and Ashley, but a brew was still in order.

12. Chilling In Mexico

Before he was a bartender in Mexico, he was enjoying what I presume is an adult beverage in Mexico.

Beyond just being a lovable and charismatic contestant, Wells has shown on social media that he's more than prepared to take on bartending duties on Bachelor In Paradise — even if he doesn't have any formal experience.