Is Raven Single After 'The Bachelor'? Her Instagram Photos Hint That She May Have Found Her Man

You guys, I know that I should be rooting for Raven to win The Bachelor and walk away as Nick's bride to be. The thing is, I really don't want that to happen at all. I want her to lose so that Raven can be the next Bachelorette. Come on, you know she would be phenomenal. Of course, this fantasy of mine would depend solely on Raven being sent home before the finale, which was already filmed. So, is Raven single after The Bachelor?

Well, as you all know, the show keeps a tight lid on who ends up with the ring in the end. It's not like I can look for an engagement ring and get the true answer. No spoilers here, but I can certainly sleuth through Raven's Instagram to find some clues about her current status. Again, I am really hoping that Raven forgoes the whole marriage to Nick thing if it comes about and chooses to take on the role of the next Bachelorette. Even so, I kept my own hopes from clouding my analysis here.

I have to be honest here and say that she might just be in love, if I really had to make a call. Of course this is pure (early) speculation and totally unscientific. There's just something about the photos she has been posting with Nick. All the contestants are posting photos from their experience, but Raven seems to be posting very couple-y, very goofy photos as opposed to stock stills from the show. Something about that says, "We are dating" to me.

She isn't posting photos that intentionally make her look glamorous (like she could ever look less than fabulous) or look like they came off the cover of a romance novel. She even threw this photo back to one when she was little, which tells me that she is pretty comfortable with Nick and not overly focused on looking glamorous — maybe because she's already found her one true love. Again, I might be reading into this too deeply, but what else can fans do at this point but speculate?

No matter how this turns out for Raven in the end, I am still rooting for her to get her own season of the show. Who is with me?