'RHOA' Is Just As Competitive As The Super Bowl

by Kayla Hawkins
Annette Brown/Bravo

Big live events mean an interruption in the usual TV schedule, and so your usual Sunday programming may be taking the week off. Will The Real Housewives of Atlanta air during the 2017 Super Bowl? Because of the big game, the show is not going to air a new episode on Feb. 5, and it will be back on Feb. 12. It's only the second week that the series has skipped since its early November premiere — the other hiatus was on Christmas Day — and over the course of the season's dozen episodes, the cast has started some serious infighting.

I think there's some real competition on the horizon for RHOA when the ladies return. The cast of this series is all pitted against one another like crazy, and once they head on this year's trip, a "glamping" retreat planned by former enemies, now tentative pals, Phaedra and Kenya, there's sure to be some head-to-head matchups that rival anything that goes down between the Patriots and the Falcons on the field. Even though the NFL is all about playing to win, I think the Real Housewives can give any sports team a run on competitiveness. After all, these women have successfully turned friendship into a contact sport. Here's some of the fights to expect when RHOA is back after the Super Bowl.

Cynthia Vs. Kenya

I hope Cynthia stands up for herself and stops putting up with being put second by Kenya. Roleplaying with Kenya about her relationship with Matt, being set to film scenes with Matt, and then being ambushed by an unplanned visit to her empty lakehouse? I can see why Cynthia seems desperate for a vacation from this.

Kenya Vs. Porsha

So far, Porsha is winning, but to continue the metaphorical sports comparison, she hasn't really scored any points, but she's blocked Kenya at every turn. Kenya's usual attacks would have provoked a physical fight by now, but this season, she'll have to come up with something better.

Porsha Vs. Phaedra

And now, the former "Frick & Frack" are facing their relationship's biggest challenge yet: Phaedra's attempt to sideline their friendship in favor of her detente with Kenya. She'll have to treat this situation very carefully, or potentially she'll be the one who gets the brunt of Porsha's ire.

Phaedra Vs. Kandi

Phaedra has thrown out some startling accusations about Kandi in previous episodes, and it sounds like Kandi's been waiting to bring it up, but is incredibly upset about it. Phaedra is really unparalleled when it comes to alienating former friends.

Kandi Vs. Lauren

And, somehow, Kandi has managed to provoke the ire of Porsha, as well, after she responded rather shortly to Porsha's comments during a tense dinner. And, knowing she didn't want to go off the rails, Porsha recruited her sister to fight some of those battles for her.

Lauren Vs. Shereé

Shereé has been spilling the tea all season long, and it's only a matter of time before she gets some heat from that. I predict Lauren will be the one to bring it up, but honestly, it could be anyone.

When RHOA returns, there's going to be a ton of drama on the horizon. The cast has already dissolved into bickering, and the cast haven't even managed to drive out of the city yet. It won't even matter that the show took a week off for the Super Bowl at all.