Sorry, Folks, Sean "Not A Good Dancer" Spicer Won't Be 'Dancing With The Stars'

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Shortly after Sean Spicer's resignation, Page Six broke the news that Dancing with the Stars reached out to offer him a spot on the show's next season. But on Friday, TMZ reported that Spicer would not appear on Dancing with the Stars after all, citing a source close to him who reportedly told TMZ, "He's not a good dancer."

But the real reason for Spicer's refusal of ABC's offer to appear on the show, according to TMZ's sources, is that he will have an “overwhelming number of commitments in the fall.”

Ever since his resignation — which was Spicer's response to Donald Trump's appointment of Anthony Scaramucci — there has been a significant amount of speculation about what Spicer will do next. Then, Scaramucci was fired after just 10 days as communications director, which prompted further speculation that Spicer would remain at the White House after all.

However, Reuters reported that Spicer would still be leaving, and that he has been fielding offers from major news networks since his resignation. According to Page Six, Spicer has signed a deal with celebrity attorney Bob Barnett while he potentially negotiates a book deal. Barnett's other clients in media include Christiane Amanpour, Brian Williams, and Neil Cavuto, and he has previously represented Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin for their own book deals.

Twitter reacted with disappointment to the news that Spicer would not be appearing on Dancing with the Stars after all.

Despite sources telling TMZ that Spicer was not a good dancer, many Twitter users still believed that Spicer was the perfect candidate for a spot on the show.

Of course, then came the jokes about other White House officials who have since left or been removed from their positions in the Trump administration.

Some Twitter users also bemoaned this refusal of an apparent opportunity for Spicer and Melissa McCarthy — who has been playing Spicer on Saturday Night Live — to finally come together as a team.

Before it was confirmed that Spicer had turned down ABC's offer, Cheryl Burke — one of the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars — told Vanity Fair that the show could be a good opportunity for Spicer to redeem himself in the public's eyes.

“At the end of the day, Dancing with the Stars is about leaving yourself open to critique,” Burke told Vanity Fair. “But the judges on Dancing with the Stars will be child’s play compared to what Sean Spicer has gone through at the White House.” Burke added:

If Sean looks at Dancing with the Stars and the people who have come off as controversial initially, only to win the public opinion, I think this could be a good move for him. I have been with the show for over a decade, and it really puts everyone on an equal playing field in terms of likability. It has helped repair people’s images. So why not? It would be great fun.

Given Burke's thoughts and Twitter's reaction, it seems as though the majority of the country regards Spicer's choice as a missed opportunity.