Shane Is A Huge Part Of 'Girlboss'

Sophia Amoruso's autobiography, #Girlboss, has touched down on Netflix and one particular love interest has fans asking questions. In the first episode, Sophia is seen sitting barside with her friend when a local drummer named Shane, played by Johnny Simmons, catches her eye. Their developing interest is enough to wonder if Shane from Girlboss is based on a real person.

The real Sophia Amoruso was married to Joel Jerek Degraff until 2016, when TMZ reported that they were filing for divorce. It's not lost on many people that both Degraff and the fictional Shane are musicians. Degraff is a singer in the band Same Animal, according to his Instagram. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, Degreaff and Amoruso met in 2002, before Nasty Gal started cranking into high gear. In the series, Shane and Sophia meet around the time of her eBay store launch in 2006. Ultimately, though there are some similarities between the two in career, Amoruso made it clear that the only character truly based on real life is Sophia. "Everyone else is [creator Kay Cannon]'s creation," Amaruso told Bustle in an interview. "So, my mom is not actually like that — just want to make that clear, Mom!"

Shane may not be based on a real person in Sophia's life, but that doesn't make their chemistry any less real in the series — and it certainly doesn't diminish the heartbreak that comes from it.