Is Sigma Beauty’s 3DHD Blender Sold Out? Here’s How To Get One

Everyday there seems to be a new and innovative beauty product debuting, and in most recent beauty news, that product seems to be Sigma Beauty's 3DHD Blender. The ultra versatile sponge made headlines for its six sided design which seemed as if it may be more than a little confusing. As it turns out, fans of Sigma Beauty and interesting beauty tools weren't deterred by the different design. In fact, the Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender is completely sold out. Don't despair, though, because there's still a way to snag the latest in beauty sponge mania.

If you head over to the Sigma Beauty website, you'll see that the sponge is, in fact, sold out. Since it rings in at just $15, there's no wonder why. If the sponge is still on your must have list, though, there's good news. A wait list exists for the 3DHD sponge!

According to the Sigma Beauty Instagram page, the beauty sponge sold out in only four days, and with demand like that, it's clear that they'll be restocking. As for now, however, there's no word on when that could happen. With the waiting list, however, Sigma will send a notification to you when the sponge is back.

In my opinion, one of the biggest draws for the 3DHD sponge is its versatility. The six sided sponge has a use for each side. The curved side helps fans blend their foundation, and the flat bottom is perfect for baking. As for the wedge sides, they're great for highlighting and contouring. If you're worried about the small areas or areas to perfect around your nose or eyes, that's what the point and ridge are for.

Basically, it seems to be the perfect, all-in-one tool, and its sell-out makes complete sense. Some major gurus are also loving the sponge.

While the word on when a restock will happen hasn't come yet, rest assured that even though the Sigma 3DHD sponge is sold out, it could still be yours. To sign up for wait list, head over to the Sigma website and be prepared to wait things out.