Is Solvang A Real Place? 'New Girl' Brings Jess To A Quaint Town For Some Relaxation

Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Things haven't been easy for Jess Day on New Girl. First, her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend moved into their apartment. Then, her new boyfriend, Robby, ended up being her third cousin. (Yikes.) And with Schmidt and Cece settling down and even Winston and Aly preparing to do the same, Jess has been feeling a little lost. Luckily, the Feb. 21 episode, "Rumspringa," finds her starting a new job as school principal. Naturally, she's nervous and worried, so Nick and Schmidt decide to take Jess to a place called Solvang on New Girl this week so she can relax.

Whenever the crew goes on weekend jaunts to new places, it makes for a fun episode of New Girl, and Solvang sounds like an especially cool place for a day trip. Except, as with most episodes of New Girl, things won't exactly go as planned, as the episode summary states that "the outing takes a surprise turn." We don't know how, exactly, but this is Jess and the guys we're talking about. It could mean anything from a car breaking down to Jess getting some locals angry and being banned from the town altogether.

As for where this "outing" occurs, it turns out that Solvang is a totally real place. Solvang (Danish for "sunny field") is located in the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara, California. According to its official website, the town itself looks like something out of a picture book, down to the Tudor-style architecture and cobbled streets. In fact, its Danish elements extend to more than just the name: the whole town is modeled after the traditional Danish style, giving it an adorable feel. There's even a copy of the famous Little Mermaid statue, like the one in Copenhagen.

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Solvang, it turns out, has a bunch of great things to do for relaxation. You can go to wine tastings (something Schmidt will probably take advantage of based on the promotional pictures from the episode), go on bike rides, and experience festivals and celebrations. There are tons of great activities for couples and families alike — and now, loftmates.

It really seems like Solvang is a great place for Jess to have some downtime before she starts working — and it seems like Nick and Schmidt have had a great idea in bringing her there. Hopefully, Jess can enjoy a little bit of her trip before things go south. She deserves it, right?