Storybook Cosmetics Might Do A 'GoT' Collection

If you are a makeup fiend and love HBO's mega popular Game of Thrones series, you might be losing your mind in the future. Storybook Cosmetics, the makeup brand whose wares are inspired by your favorite stories, just dropped a hint about a major potential brush set and makeup collection. Storybook Cosmetics wants to create a Game of Thrones-inspired brush collection and palette… so is it actually happening?

Well, it would surely make sense, since the fantastical world and medieval aesthetic of GoT, Daenerys and co. certainly lends itself to what Storybook Cosmetics is doing.

The brand teased what a GoT collection could look like, featuring a palette, lipsticks, a fan brush, and a compact. Storybook clearly and plainly noted in the caption that it would have to secure licensing rights from HBO in order to create a GoT set, so this isn't a definite thing.

Even though nothing is confirmed, one can only hope. Bustle reached out to Storybook Cosmetics and to HBO for any further details on this possible collection and to see if the brand is making serious moves to obtain the rights.

UPDATE: Storybook responded to Bustle via email on Jan. 3, saying, "Yes, we are in the beginning stages of trying to secure licensing. We have our fingers crossed that we can make this GoT concept a reality since we are huge fans ourselves!"

Also, pay attention to the caption, as that's what is equally as exciting as the mock up art. Storybook states that it is working on several other things that could blow our minds.

That said, we can still drool over these graphics of what a Storybook x GoT collection might look like.

Right now, a Game of Thrones brush and makeup set is wishful thinking and nothing more. But isn't the thrill of life wishing, hoping, and thinking? If the brand eventually secures the rights, things could look totally different than this. But aren't you wondering and wishing for more?!

Here is the caption attached to the post. It clearly states a "possible" collection. Here's to hoping the rights come through and it becomes a reality. There really is power in positive thinking.

Storybook Cosmetics is certainly making a name for itself. With its Harry Potter-inspired brushes and its upcoming archery-themed collection, as well as its Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette, the brand is expertly mashing up brains with beauty. The brushes are magic wands — like legit— and works of art that don't sacrifice functionality in favor of form.

I said it before and I will say it again. Storybook Cosmetics is positioning itself as a major indie player in 2017, thanks to amazing ideas, by doing something no other brand is doing, by reaching a captive, enraptured audience, and with what looks to be quality product.

I'm game (of thrones).

Images: Storybook Cosmetics/Instagram (4)