This Cult Favorite Skin Care Brand Just Launched Foundation & The Hype Is REAL

Sunday Riley Instagram

It's here. And by "it," we are referring to the drop date for cult fave skin care brand Sunday Riley's The Influencer Foundation. As of April 12, The Influencer Clean Longwear Foundation is on sale at and in stores. The fact that shoppers can waltz into their local Sephora and test the shade range IRL is awesome.

There are 20 shades in the initial offering. While that's not 40 like Fenty Beauty or Make Up For Ever, it's not single digits, as has been the case with so many drugstore brands over the years. While a foundation range can always be more inclusive, there are four light shades, six medium to dark hues, six darks, and four deep tones.

The brand has been posting swatches and shots of the foundation on its Insta, showing off the creaminess of the formula, the lush and luxe texture, and the range of shades. It looks so rich and skin-loving based on the images. Of course those are professional images in a variety of lighting.

Therefore, your best bet is to check your nearest Sephora and see if they are selling Sunday Riley's The Influencer. Then head over and proceed to play, swiping it across the back of your hand to test the tones against your skin.

As of press time, the product, which comes packaged in a long, triangular tube, is not totally yet sold out. But don't delay. Your shade could get scooped up on the quick.

Why is there such a buzz on this foundation, besides the fact that it is being offered in a pretty decent variety of shades? Well, like Glossier, Sunday Riley has steadily been building up a hardcore legion of loyalists, thanks to the quality of its products.

The brand's devotees revere the brand. The skincare products are lauded as being game changers.

That makes the prospect and notion of a color foundation thrilling for people who have seen their skin improve from using Sunday Riley's assortment of products.

The brand has been posting quotes from users and customers on its Insta in the lead up to the launch.

Like so!

These sorts of testimonials serve to further build the hype.

Another brilliant marketing tactic the brand has been using is posting images of the shades, describing the tonality under the name and number.

That intel can help potential purchasers narrow down which shade is best for their unique skin tone.

It states what the color is and what the undertones are. That's a beautiful thing.

It's like having your own personal makeup artist, since seeking and finding the right foundation to match the finer points of you coloring can be a really difficult, frustrating, and intimidating endeavor.

Here are some other things that fans are saying in real time about Sunday Riley's The Influencer Foundation.

These types of comments are so telling. Beauty lovers are posting what products they currently use, seriously detailing their skin tones, and asking which Sunday Riley shade foots the bill. Speaking of, the product is $42 a bottle yet seems well worth the spend, since it's clean, long-lasting, and buildable.

Many seem so ready to swap out their usual foundation for The Influencer. That because it is, well, influential.