Is Sweating Good For Your Skin? Embrace The Heat Wave Because There Are Lots Of Benefits, People

Kevin Lee/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Sweating can feel horrible, it's true. And after experiencing weeks and weeks of it from the comforts of my own home, I've pretty much had enough. However, sweating isn't all bad. Yes, it can make you long for a cold shower and that feeling of dry, crisp, clean clothes. And yes, too much of it can cause breakouts. But is sweating good for your skin? Turns out it can be, in more ways than one.

First of all, here's a quick science lesson on what sweat actually is. Sweating is when a salty liquid is released from the sweat glands. The whole reason it exists is to cool down the body, hence why you only sweat in hot temperatures. According to the National Library of Medicine, the average person has between two and four million sweat glands on their body. So quite a lot then.

While sweat unclogs your pores, leaving it to pool on your face will only clog those things straight back up again, potentially causing unwanted spots. This may automatically put sweat in your bad books but as I'm going to show, the process is actually more beneficial for your skin than you might have realised.

Here's just some of the things that sweat can do for your skin.