KVD's Pastel Goth Palette Sold Out But Don't Panic

Did you miss it? Kat Von D Beauty dropped the Pastel Goth eyeshadow palette on Saturday, Jan. 7. It landed via the brand's website, which is one of its sales platforms. It was a bit of a surprise release, as Kat Von D-evotees were expecting the palette, which steps outside the usual KVD dark 'n' edgy aesthetic in favor of soft, pale shades, to arrive via Sephora on Tuesday, Jan. 10. So it was an unexpected but welcome treat for makeup mavens that were eagerly anticipating the Easter egg-hued shadows. So, is the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette sold out?

I have good news and bad news, Kat Von D-evotees! Let's go with the bad news first. Yes, the Pastel Goth Palette, which is $38 and hosts eight mega matte shadows from bright yellow to cornflower blue to dusty mint green, is sold out on the Kat Von D site.

But nobody panic!!! Let's all take a deep breath and exhale. Relax. Tomorrow is Tuesday, Jan. 10, which is the palette's planned release date on the Sephora site. Therefore, if you missed the advance drop of Pastel Goth, you can plan to make the purchase tomorrow.

Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette, $38, Sephora

We can pass the time by drooling over the palette and the swatches. Yeah, let's do that.

At first, the hues felt a bit out of character for KVD, even though they are still unique and unusual. Pastel goth is a counter culture, much like KVD's look and style. You know, now that I think about it even more, this palette is actually more in character than it seems on the surface. Plus, it's KVD's DNA-distinct take on pastels.

Here is the caption accompanying the above post, including the on-sale details.

Swatches on a series of skintones is always a beautiful thing.

Pastel Goth is limited edition so you will want to nab it as soon as you can, since it won't be a permanent addition to the Kat Von D repertoire of products.

Eight is great. Check out the intensity of the pigment and the smooth, matte texture. You could totally use this palette for accent shades.

The packaging, with the dripping font, is certainly in keeping with the KVD vibe. Since the palette sold out so quickly, it appears that the brand has another hit on its hands, er, lids. You can sign up for an email alert when it's restocked or hop on the Sephora site tomorrow.

Images: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty (2)