The LORAC x 'Beauty And The Beast' Makeup Collection Just Dropped At Ulta

If you are a Disney-phile, a LORAC lover, or basically a fan of quality makeup inspired by classic fairytales, then here's a tip. You need to grab your wallet and your payment method of choice. The Disney Beauty and the Beast x LORAC makeup collection, which includes an eye palette, lipstick, glosses, and a blush palette, is now available at Ulta Beauty's website. There's your daily dose of good news.

Previously, the collection was sold solely via the LORAC website. But now, things have opened up and the gorgeous products — and I am referring to both the packaging and the actual colors and textures themselves— are shoppable at the mega makeup (and more!) retailer.

The entire collection, the gilded packaging of which is so collectible, is on sale online at Ulta. It's an extremely limited range, so I wouldn't delay in scooping up the products that speak volumes to your inner Belle.

The lipstick and lip gloss collections are lit and they are comprised of the same, brand new, film-inspired shades — just in two different textures. The palette is also capable of functioning as your only summer eyeshadow wardrobe, as well.

Here's a quick look at the Beauty and the Beast products. And here's to hoping that the Disney x LORAC collab continues with more beauty ranges inspired by classic tales.

The gold casing is chic and beyond elegant. And those colors? Well, those bullets are Belle-tiful!

It's a breathtaking and unforgettable suite of products.

The slim cheek case is four pans strong and will give you a gorg flush.

Summer is almost here and lips are ripe for shiny gloss during the hot and humid season. Take a break from clingy, heavy, and super precise mattes for a minute or a few months and rediscover the swipe-and-go joy of lip gloss. This is the perfection collection with which to do so.

The eyeshadow palette offers 16 ways to decorate those lids. Happy shopping during your next digital Ulta excursion.