Here's Why Kylie's New Palette Is Different From Her Others

Kylie Jenner just can't slow down. Between her own reality television show and new merch in her Kylie Shop, she's got a lot going on. Now, she's launched the Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition collection with tons of new products. Is the new Kylie Vacation palette a different formula, though? While Jenner's previous shadow palettes have been well received by fans and beauty vloggers alike, it looks like the Kylie Cosmetics mogul wanted to change things up a bit for her newest collection.

According to Jenner's Snapchat announcement on Sunday evening, the latest eyeshadow additions to the Kylie Cosmetics family are, in fact, a brand new formula. Jenner has revealed basically nothing about why she chose to switch up a formula that was serving her well, but since her old formula for shadows was already incredible, I have very few doubts that the latest iteration of her eyeshadow palettes will be any different.

According to the post to her social media and a post to her website, the formula is "silky and pigmented." What's not to like about that? Plus, let's be honest, the palette may just be her most versatile yet. With pops of aqua blue and a mix of mattes and shimmers, it's definitely a great palette to travel with — which is probably why it's called the Take Me On Vacation Palette.

Jenner's Vacation Edition collection has some seriously stellar products in it outside of the newly formulated eyeshadow palette. She's added four new nude lippies in both matte and creme formulas, three loose powder highlighters, a stunning purple lip kit, a quad of highlighters, and a face duo with a highlight and bronzer. Clearly, Jenner didn't come to play this summer.

If you want to snag one of the new members of the Kylie Cosmetics family — including the newly formulated eyeshadows — you don't have to wait long. The entire collection is set to debut on June 15 at 3pm PT.

Like all Kylie Cosmetics debuts, the Kylie Vacation palette and her other new additions all have the potential to sell out. With tons of new goodies and a totally reformulated palette, this launch is one you certainly don't want to miss.