This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Rethink How Much You Share On The Internet

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Social media profiles and blogs have a way of sometimes making us feel like we intimately know other people. We're all guilty of spending countless hours perusing Twitter, diving into YouTube rabbit holes, or checking out the latest Instagram influencer photos and lamenting about our own lives. This usually leads to mostly harmless envy, but it can get deadly if the wrong person becomes dangerously infatuated with an online personality. Leave it to Lifetime to explore the latter with The Perfect Mother, which, though not a true story, sounds frighteningly real in today’s digitally driven society.

Per the Lifetime synopsis, Sunny Mabrey stars as Stella Marshall, a mom who runs a popular vlog about mother/daughter bonding even though she has a terrible relationship with her defiant daughter Shay. The duo’s arguments are the least of their problems after Stella meets a fan named Peyton, who is obsessed with making Stella her new mom. Yep, this is not going to end well.

Unfortunately, the network has not released an official trailer or sneak peek for The Perfect Mother. But, it’s pretty easy for the average Lifetime connoisseur to piece together what will probably happen in this film. Stella will meet this strange fan girl and instantly trust her because she’s longing for the kind of relationship that she preaches to her followers.

They'll become best of friends and Stella will be honored to be a mother figure in her life. She may even allow her to move in and come over for the holidays. Whatever happens between them, it's bound to be the kind of over-the-top entertainment Lifetime has made its bread and butter.

Shay will confront her mom about Peyton’s strange behavior, but her concerns will be brushed off because no one listens to reason in these movies. So, be prepared to yell at your TV for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Peyton probably has a nonexistent or estranged relationship with her own mother, so she believes that Stella is an ideal mom based on her videos.

Peyton, meanwhile, will strongly dislike Shay, which will make her do anything to get her out of the picture. She may try to manipulate some situations to drive a bigger wedge between Stella and Shay. Or, her actions may be more sinister and lead to a murder or two in the process.

Will she set Shay up for a ton of trouble?Anything is possible in a Lifetime movie, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Peyton kills someone close to Stella and Shay takes the fall for it. The entire fiasco will all culminate in a situation where Stella and Shay (if she's still alive) have to take Peyton down before things get worse.

Of course, there will likely be a few twists, but Lifetime has a solid formula that keeps viewers glued to their TVs each week. And, since this story isn’t real, fans can enjoy all the juicy drama guilt-free. Find out who prevails when The Perfect Mother premieres on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET.

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