Is The Pink Moon Really Pink? The April 2017 Full Moon Won't Have A Rosy Hue

Rejoice, my pastel-loving witchies: The Pink Moon is finally upon us, gracing the skies with her presence on Monday, April 10. Is the Pink Moon really pink, though? I mean, no, not technically, unless you're wearing rose-colored glasses but that name still holds a deep, natural importance. Plus, we're Millennials; isn't it required that we like pink?

Each month traditionally enjoys one new moon and one full moon, though there are exceptions (the second full moon in a single month, for example, is a "blue moon"). Indigenious tribes from the East Coast developed names for each full moon that corresponded with a natural phenomena often occurring under their celestial gaze; those monikers were, most likely, stolen by colonial settlers and have since been adopted into contemporary American culture.

April's full moon is known most commonly as the Pink Moon, which references pink moss, or wild ground phlox one of the first plants to bloom after the winter months. They signal a change in season, the start of the growing months, the end of rationing. Native American tribes didn't use the Julian or Gregorian calendars to mark time's passage; the lunar cycle, and the continual movement of nature, allowed them to mark out their year.

The Pink Moon is also known throughout the continental United States as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Fish Moon, and the Egg Moon all of which, again, evoke images of rebirth, of life, and of growth.

Astrologically speaking, April's full moon occurs in Libra which, if you are familiar with Libras and our ~aesthetic~, 100 percent lines up with these dreamy Pink Moon vibes.

Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and relationships. Uh, duh, our moon is pink and full of life! As astrologist Pat Liles of The Power Path explains, "An air sign Moon teaches us flexibility, to bend like a tree in the wind and to fly above the Earth on the wind and gain perspective, neutrality and clarity."

Not sure how to celebrate tonight? Don't complicate things. Just take a walk. Breath in spring. Express your reverence for even the smallest shows of beauty.