'Celebrity Big Brother' May Have A Secret Second House & OMG The Drama

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well, Channel 5 certainly kept us waiting long enough, but alas, Celebrity Big Brother 2018 is finally here. There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the show, ranging from whether or not we’d see a Love Island star darken the show’s doorstep to whether Meghan Markle's sister Samantha Grant would come busting through the door. But, I’ve got a more logistical question about the series; is there another Celebrity Big Brother house, as in, a secret second house? Let's face it, it wouldn't be the first time producers have pulled such a stunt.

A secret second house has come into play in previous series. In fact, fans have even given it a nickname; the "Big Brother bedsit". It's a completely separate unit to the main house, and is usually where contestants are sent after fake evictions so that they can spy on the others before a shock reunion.

In the 2016 series, a second house was revealed from the very beginning; it was where six substitute housemates called "the Others" stayed and plotted the demise of those in the main house so that they could replace them. As you can imagine, it was all very tense, especially since the main house initially had no idea that their fate lay in the hands of shadowy, mysterious forces living next door. Creepy, huh?

Also, way back in Series 5, a secret second house caused all kinds of drama. Unbeknown to the other contestants at the time, Emma Greenwood and Michelle Bass were secretly sent there and were instructed by producers to spy on the other contestants. Upon their return all hell broke loose as they confronted their housemates about everything they'd heard. Talk about a showdown.

But back to the current series; are we going to see drama on that level again this time around? I decided to reach out to the show's press team to get the lowdown on a possible secret second house. Unfortunately, they haven't responded yet, and to be honest, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for them to get back to me as details like this are huge behind-the-scenes secrets.

However, it's worth noting that if there isn't a secret second house, there could still be a secret area. In previous series, housemates that thought they were being evicted but actually weren't, were sent to said areas. Here, they were given the opportunity to spy on the housemates that had nominated them just moments earlier.

Last year, when Hannah Agboola and Tom Barber thought they were being sent home, however, it turned out to be a fake eviction. Instead, they were actually moved into a secret attic to spy on the others. They then returned to surprise the rest of the cast with a shocking twist; they had the power to choose who would face eviction next, which resulted in Charlotte Keys and Isabelle Warburton landing on the chopping block. Charlotte wound up being booted off after a public vote.

Fans of the last series nearly called the twist from the get-go, as according to Heat magazine, one beady-eyed Twitter fan noted that there seemed to be a secret garden visible from aerial drone footage of the house. The user @ShutUpReece went full-on conspiracy theorist, employing graphics to illustrate their point as they speculated: "Something fishy's going on...I'm telling yah, they're either gonna split the house or we're getting secret new housemates." (So close, yet so far hun.)

As far as the new house goes however, there’s been a few videos and pictures of the 2018 digs floating around the Internet, and it looks lush.

Celebrity Big Brother released official pictures of the brightly coloured house on Instagram on Thursday. The plush pad features a gorgeous pink powder room, a cobalt blue bedroom with more storage space than ever before, and a heated pool and jacuzzi for those intimate late night chats.

However, there have been zero pictures of a secret second house. That doesn't mean it's not there of course. It just means no one's mentioned it. Not yet, anyway.

Celebrity Big Brother is on Channel 5, daily at 9 p.m.