There's A Really Good Reason 'This Is Us' Won't Be Airing Tonight

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

It's impossible to not fall in love with a show like This Is Us, which means fans from all over gather around the TV every Tuesday night to find out what new way the Pearson family will inevitably make us cry. So when a new episode doesn't air, you better believe viewers are going to take notice, which is why you may find yourself asking if This Is Us is on tonight, on the night of Tuesday, Nov. 6. As it turns out, it's not, and our favorite fictional family is going on a very brief hiatus, but don't worry — it's for a very good reason.

As most of you undoubtedly know by now, Nov. 6 marks the midterm elections, which has caused many TV shows to help spread the word and promote the importance of getting out there to vote. That also means that the majority of the primetime networks will cover the big event as the results begin to unfold. NBC is no exception and will air a new special, titled The Vote: America's Future, that will be broadcast live from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET. Given that This Is Us usually airs at 9 p.m. ET, there's simply no room in the schedule to allow a new episode to air. But given that this delay is due to such an important moment in our country's history, the Pearsons are sure to understand the temporary postponement. They're all pretty great like that.

At the end of last week's episode, the voiceover for the series warned that This Is Us wouldn't be airing a new episode this week. But just in case you were too engrossed in Toby's backstory to pay attention (or were blowing your nose a little too loudly into a tissue — been there!), the official This Is Us Twitter account posted a reminder to fans that the series would be taking a break this Tuesday night. "There's no new #ThisIsUs this week," the tweet read. "But we're here still trying to get over last week's."

However, if you're still looking to get your This Is Us fill for the week, all of the previously aired episodes are currently available to watch on Hulu for those who have an account. That means you can watch as many (or as few) episodes of the series as you would like, as well as revisit some of your favorite moments — and given how lovable this family is prone to be, there's guaranteed to be quite a few.

And then, as fast as the hiatus arrived, it will be over with just as quickly. NBC will return to its regularly scheduled programming the following week, so a brand new episode of This Is Us will debut on Tuesday, Nov. 13. From there, fans will be able to dive deeper into Jack's mysterious past (perhaps even find out more about the woman wearing Jack's necklace in Vietnam) and hopefully learn a few more details about those puzzling flash-forward scenes.

Answers to those questions and many more are sure to be on the horizon, but we'll just have to wait at least a week to get them. Knowing this show, though, it'll be well worth it.