Here's A New Too Faced Peach Tease To Analyze

More peach-themed beauty appears to be on the Too Faced horizon, like a beautiful, peach-hued sunset! A few weeks ago, brand co-founder Jerrod Blandino offered his patented "sneaky peek" of new, Too Faced peach products. Blandino spoke of a "Peach Revolution." He's at it again — THANKFULLY — with what looks like a new Too Faced Peaches & Cream tease.

When Blandino first mentioned more peach products, I noted that the images and hashtags hinted that perhaps a Too Faced Peaches & Cream line was in the works. I figured that TFP&C would be a sub-line or an extension of the super popular Sweet Peach Collection, which began with the Sweet Peach Palette before expanding into a full range. Everything felt intentionally unclear in order to keep Too Faced loyalists excited and guessing until more details are ready to be revealed.

At the time, I reached out Too Faced reps, but they had no further details to share. However, the coy and cute Blandino continues to use his personal Instagram feed as a source of teases about upcoming Too Faced products and I love him for it.

It looks like a Too Faced Peaches & Cream line is indeed coming, thanks to this latest teaser clip, featuring a liquid product (foundation, maybe?) being mixed.

Blandino mentions loving a "peaches and cream complexion" and hashtagged that the brand is "working on something special."

There's the intel — in black, white, and peach'ish! Notice the Sephora hashtag, as well. So the potential Peaches & Cream "stuff," could be exclusive to this retail partner.

This Too Facer's comments echo my thoughts exactly.

Here is the earlier tease. It was ambiguous. My first reaction was, "Is it a new peach range or will more products be added to Sweet Peach?"

This sneaky peek, to use Blandino's vocab, made me think that there is a Peaches & Cream collection on the way, based on that final hashtag. I am thinking it will be a separate, sub-Sweet Peach range. Or will it be called Peach Revolution? Hmmm...

But right now, it's all speculative until we get more intel from Too Faced and Blandino. All we know is that something peachy is up.