Tormund Had A Terrifying Moment In The 'GoT' Finale

by Victoria McNally
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

It's been a very, very long time since Game Of Thrones has seen fit to kill off a major character. And I'm not counting somebody like Thoros of Myr; I mean a person that fans gotten to know and love (or hate) and would be bummed to see leave the series. To be fair, yes, there was one major confirmed death in the Season 7 finale on Sunday, but it was extremely satisfying and not the kind of shocking demise most people have come to expect from this show. As of the episode's ending, fans are wondering: is Tormund dead on Game Of Thrones, too?

Bustle readers might remember that I've gotten death predictions wrong before: Just a few episodes ago I was sure that Jaime Lannister was going to drown after his encounter with Drogon, because, again, no one had died in a while and it would be very interesting from a narrative perspective. But in the next episode he jumped right back out of the water (with some help from Bronn) and went on his merry way, so that ended up being a bust.

This time, however I'm going to predict the exact opposite: I don't think Tormund is dead. At least, he isn't yet. As the season finale drew to a close, he was spotted at Eastwatch just before the Night King attacked and successfully destroyed the Wall with his ice dragon, and as far as anyone can tell he's hasn't gotten himself to safety yet. Probably because there isn't any safety; where are you supposed to go with a dragon wight breathing ice fire practically down your neck and an entire undead army ready to fight its way through your stronghold?

But! there hasn't yet been a dead body revealed on the show for Tormund (how could there be, it all happened so fast!), nor did fans witness him suffer a mortal wound that could theoretically lead to his demise. Major characters has survived attacks from dragons and wights and white walkers in the past, and there's no reason yet to think that Tormund hasn't. He seems like the type to die in a blaze of glory, anyway, perhaps after professing his love nobly to Brienne so she can mourn his death after the fact and make all the 'shippers unbearably sad.

Either way, no one will know for sure what happens until Game Of Thrones returns for its final season. It's also entirely possible that he's not dead yet, but by the time the narrative picks back up, maybe he'll appear next season as a wight in the Night King's army. Boy, would that be a sad way for Tormund to go. Here's to hoping that's not the case.